First Look: The Dark Knight Rises' Catwoman Has Cat Ears!

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After the official First Look at Anne Hathaway as 'Selina Kyle' in 'The Dark Knight Rises' we all wondered whether or not Selina would completely don the 'Catwoman' role by adding cat ears to her outfit.

Today we get the answer to the question and since a picture is worth a thousand words here are more than a thousand (unofficial) words courtesy of sister site, Just Jared and

Sadly, all I can personally think of is: "Why?!". While I do think that Catwoman should have cat ears, why was it decided that hers' would look this way? All of Batman's ensemble in the Nolan films has a purpose. What is the purpose of the Halloween-headband cat ears? At least we now know she will share a scene with Commissioner Gordon.


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G-Man beat you to it :(

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