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May The Best Man Win!!!

After defeating the Mutant Punks, Batman goes up against the Joker, the police, and Superman too. I enjoyed the cast and thought they were amazing and played their characters well. I was surprised that got Conan O Brian on as a talk show host and thought that was cool. I loved the comic and loved how they brought it to life and it was done so well. I loved Michael Emerson's portrayal of the joker and thought he was creepy. I loved how Batman went up against the police and showed he can still kick butt, even at an old age. I did enjoy seeing the fight between Batman and Superman and seeing Batman beat up Superman in Crime Alley. Overall, I'm giving it a 5/5 because the voice cast was awesome, the story was told very well, and is fun to watch to see Batman. I did, however missed some small stuff from the comic like the kid Batman told to shut up, Selina calling Superman a son of a bitch, but the movie was still good. I would recommend watching both parts to see the story and enjoy a fun time, but above all else it's a fun movie and fun to enjoy.


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