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Batman's Back!!!!!!!!!!

The comic that changed comics is now an animated movie and it was awesome. The story was divided into two parts, so for part one we see Batman trying to move on, but gets called back and faces Harvey Dent and the Mutants. The animation was awesome and did a good job. I did enjoy how dark it was and thought Batman was amazing. I love the story because it really shows why Batman is important to Gotham and why he is needed. The cast was excellent and I thought Peter Weller was a great batman. The action was awesome and the ending was so good I can't wait for part 2. Overall, I'm giving it a 5/5 because it had a great story, an amazing voice cast and was brought to life so well. Its a great movie and fans will enjoy the movie and have a blast of seeing Batman being the hero to Gotham.

Posted by Dhor

i just feel like this movies would have been better in the 90s. the themes presented are kinnda outdated and althrogh i like the movie per gerneral i found some parts unberable. The way Batman is portrayed is pretty bleak and it doesen`t hold a candel to the modern incarnation (post and pre 52). I understant that the story was writen  long  when most of the history of batman (the important one) it haden`t been writen yet and that`s why I stronglly belive that it took too many years to get this done and has lost it meaning. And Kerrie is hands down the WORST Robin ever.  TO me Frank Miller had a good run in the 80-90 but it seems all his work is the same.

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