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Pretty Good 0

Now, before I start, I just want to say that this is the first review I've written. So, I'm sorry if it sucks.I just got done watching this. It was very good. I am just going to cover the good and the bad in it. As from this moment on, there will be spoilers. You have been warned.The GoodThe plot was very good in the movie. I have not read the comic it is based on, so I cannot say if it was accurate or not. Set several years in the future, Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman. However, a gang calle...

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The Dark Knight (HAS) Returned Pt.1 Review 0

Fourteen movies ago DC Universe Animated films released Superman: Doomsday, a movie fans demanded to see turned into an animated film. Though the DC Universe Animated film team had their ideals in the right place, the film did not meet most fan's expectations. Fourteen movies later with much experience in trial and error, and going through some of DC Comics' iconic stories (as well as creating some of their very own) they have finally put together a masterpiece that should be enjoyed by fans who...

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Batman's Back!!!!!!!!!! 0

The comic that changed comics is now an animated movie and it was awesome. The story was divided into two parts, so for part one we see Batman trying to move on, but gets called back and faces Harvey Dent and the Mutants. The animation was awesome and did a good job. I did enjoy how dark it was and thought Batman was amazing. I love the story because it really shows why Batman is important to Gotham and why he is needed. The cast was excellent and I thought Peter Weller was a great batman. The a...

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They Softened It 0

I liked this movie quite a bit, but parts of it also disappointed me. Basically, they made Batman a little less crazy, and they made the news and public overall a little too pro-Batman. Warning, below there will be some spoilers for the film and comic both.I don't know, in the comic, things were ambiguous. The people supporting Batman were prejudiced and were prone to violent vigilantism, while the people who were anti-Batman were calloused and selfish, but both sides had very valid points among...

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The War Goes On 0

DC and Warner Bros. may be streets behind in the live action theatrical arena, in the realm of Warner Bros. direct to video features, the DC comics license has been the most consistent. Lesser known characters like Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern Corps. have gotten their chance to shine on the small screen with these features. They have also used the medium to adapt multiple well known comic storylines such as Under the Red Hood, All Star Superman, and JLA: Tower of Babel released as Justice ...

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A True Dark Knight 0

Bringing the Dark Knight Returns to animation form was not a totally unexpected move on DC’s part. I think that Frank Miller’s definitive final chapter of an aging Batman was one of the greatest stories out there and DC seems to be on this kick to try and animate most of their more popular comic book stories, it was a logical choice. Unfortunately, a lot of these adaptations are well—not quite as good as they could be. DC appeared to recognize this by addressing one of my most ...

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