Desperate Times: The Dandy faces Cancelation

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The Dandy, Britain’s oldest comic book that has run for 75 years is facing the axe as sales dip bellow 8,000 a week. From it’s hay day in the 1950’s and then again in the 1980’s to being stripped back to a fortnightly release in 2007, in an attempt to boost sales that has so far proved to be fruitless, a lack of exploration into the digital field seems to have caught the Dandy up, however the classic characters such as Desperate Dan will live on if the comic is to end, by either a leap into the online world or via The Beano, a rival of equal long standing that has sustained a much higher commercial interest of late.

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Sources are saying it will close next month. Shame it couldn't survive another three, until the 75th anniversary in December.

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We have confirmation, it is closing - but it will make it to the anniversary, it'll end the first week of December.

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Although I can't say I was ever a fan, it's a sad time to see this go and thought it should be noted here.

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Relaunch it :P

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It's all my fault. I stopped buying the Dandy 2 months ago and look what it's done!

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Only two issues left, out tomorrow and Tuesday 4 December (this time next week, a day earlier than usual). The online version also launches next Tuesday.

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Sad to pick up the last edition. I hadn't read it since I was very young (maybe last issue I bought 17 years ago!) but it's a british establishment. Very sad.

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