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The Curse was conceived at the dawn of civilization when a Babylonian War God (quite possibly Nergal) raped a young woman (quite possibly Wotan's female self) and the Curse was the end result of that violation. Curse grew to be a merciless warrior and the most malicious mage during that time. He could harness the power of chaos until he was defeated by the Egyptian sorcerer Nabu and his followers in Nymare. Nabu destroyed Curse's physical form and trapped him in a metaphyiscal helm.
In the present day, the accursed helmet resides in the private collection of Mr. Fenton. A group of cultists know of the helmet's location but Fenton's security is impenetrable so they hire Justin Guilder, a thief from Salem, Massachusetts, to steal the helmet. Guilder's reputation as a thief is only known to his ex-girlfriend Caitlin. Caitlin has made it explicitly clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Guilder realizes that Caitlin has started falling for Hector Hall, a regular at her diner.  
Guilder arrives in New York City by plane and is taken to Fenton's studio flat. Guilder's employer is an unknown elderly woman who fills in Justin about what to expect. Guilder manages to get past Fenton's security and bares witness to a ritual ceremony that is being held by Mr. Fenton. Unfortunately, the ritual backfires on Fenton and the spirit of the Curse kills Fenton. The spirit becomes aware of Guilder's presence and immediately bonds its essence with Guilder's physical form. With Justin Guilder as its vessel, the Curse seeks to destroy the new Doctor Fate Hector Hall.
The Curse begins his assault on Salem by unleashing a band of skynts, who look similar to alien xenobytes. The skynts appeared under Doctor Fate's radar which is exceptionally odd. The chaotic magic that the Curse wields is much more powerful than what Hector had expected. Hector manages to make quick work of the skynts by transforming them into stone and destroying them. Unfortunately, a few civilians were killed by the ravenous monsters. 
The Curse takes his power up a notch by summoning the dead from Salem then he creates a mystical field around Salem which prevents Hector from summoning any outside help. Eventually, Hector and the Curse go toe to toe but the Curse gets the upper hand by damaging Fate's helmet. In Hector's weakened state, the Curse goes for a fatal blow by impaling Hector with a sword that was formed by chaos magic. Afterwards, the Curse pays Caitlin a visit at her diner. The Curse controls every being of Guilder except his heart. Guilder's possessive nature takes Caitlin as his prisoner of love.  
Fortunately, Professor James Bolling and his apprentice Anita are members of wiccan congress in Salem. Professor Bolling and his wiccans unleash a magical matrix that tears through the Curse's chaotic force field while Kym, one of Bolling's students, helps Hector by healing his puncture wound. However, it is Nabu's judgmental pep talk in the astral plain that gives Hector the strength to carry on. Nabu tries to inflict doubt into Hector by saying he is an unworthy amateur of magic but this only fuels Hector's determination to defeat the Curse. Hector leaves the astral plane and Nabu is proud of his newfound student. 
Hector returns to life and realizes that Nabu represents one extreme aspect of the universe while the Curse represents the other. Hector must become more than an agent for the Lords of the Order, he must become a representative of the balance of the universe. The wiccans put an end to the Curse's forces and Doctor Fate confronts the Curse who has taken possession of the Tower of Fate. Fate tells the Curse to stand down before the imbalance of the universe tears him apart. The Curse doesn't heed Hector's warning and Fate unleashes the full force of order and chaos on the Curse.  
The Curse's body is surrounded by a sphere of Order and his body is swallowed by a void of pure chaos. The Curse becomes the victim of a cataclysmic paradox because with the absence of order, the center of anything can not be maintained and everything falls apart. The Curse is destroyed by his own chaotic magic. The only thing left of the Curse was his helmet with Guilder's severed head inside of it. Hector takes the helmet along with Guilder's head back to the Tower of Fate so that no one can ever summon the Curse again. As for Caitlin, Hector wipes her mind clean of all the atrocities that Justin had brought thus allowing her to have a new lease on life.           

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