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The Crossed stop for no one.

The Crossed are humans who have been infected by a blight of unknown origin for unknown reasons. Infection occurs through the spreading of bodily fluids ranging from saliva, blood and semen. The Crossed are driven by the obsession to torture, rape, maim and mutilate any and all uninfected human beings but will also attack other Crossed, sometimes without warning.Humans not their only interest though. Anything that takes their interest including other animals or buildings all stand to be destroyed by the Crossed.

The Crossed don’t speak in complete sentences and never talk to each other so much as shout what their immediate thought and desire is. They are excellent at tracking uninfected even through winter months and mountains covered with snow. Their determination to destroy generally overshadows and ultimately destroys the uninfected’s will to live often times ending the lives of those who are still sane with sexual mutilation or, if a person is lucky, they will have an extra moment to commit suicide before they are pulled apart bit by bit.

Some infected wear faces of those they have killed while others will scar themselves or eat whoever they are in the process of killing. The Crossed laugh at every atrocity they commit, even if one of them is being pulled to pieces by other Crossed. The Crossed show no sign of feeling pain and many even seem to enjoy it, to such an extreme that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to look at it as a drug to them. It is everything they live for and they will stop at nothing to feed their need for ultra violence.

The rate at which a person become infected ranges from several hours to a matter of minutes and once infected there is no turning back. No cure exists for the Crossed and there is almost no hint that scientists were able to study the infection long enough to do any sort of thorough research on the dilemma.

Garth Ennis:

"The Crossed are people who - through infection - have given in to the absolute worst instincts that human beings can: murder, rape, torture, cannibalism, all of the most cruel and inventive kind imaginable. They are out of control, really. Their number one urge is to get their hands into normal people and commit every ghastly act they can think of - they can't fight it, and they don't want to."

Source: Wizard #206.

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