mucklefluga's The Creep #4 review

The End.

The Good:

Wow. The end has finally arrived and what an end it is. A totally shocking conclusion that i would never see coming. The pacing is set perfectly throughout and it really hits you when you witness the big shocks. The issue is ended greatly, nothing more is needed to say at the end even though you aren't told exactly what happens. John Acudi this was a masterpiece of writing, i loved this mystery. Oxel's monologue was an enjoyable read in this issue too. I enjoy the art in this very much, it has just the right tone of colors and the flashbacks have a great vibe to them. The art is really pulled out the bag in this issue, some of these panels are so amazing and horrific! (You'll know what i mean if you've read it). Kudos to Jonathan Case for doing the penciling, inking and coloring.

The Bad:

There was this one panel where only half of each character was colored. I didn't understand why but it isn't a real downer on this superb issue. One double page spread may unsettle you a bit. Ouch.

The Verdict

Go and buy this book now! Unless you haven't read the four issues before this, go pick them up first. Or maybe just wait for the trade! I don't care just eventually buy this magnificent tale and i'll be happy. This issue is a thrilling conclusion to a fantastic mini-series, i'm sad to see it end. Maybe and hopefully Dark Horse will realise that they need John Acudi and Jonathan Case to give us more stories with Oxel as the main character.

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Posted by Mucklefluga

I always spell John ARCUDI'S name wrong, it's ARCUDI not Acudi. Sorry John!

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