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Known to have existed before the Second World War with a number of different members, in 1935, the group now consisting of Vanessa Baker, Murderous Lion, Jefferson Chambers, The Menace, Wyatt Crowley, and Ulysses Bloodstone hired Wolverine to kill the Dreaming Maiden, a being who was a beacon to a "celestial" evil that threatened mankind. Then in 1942, the group tried during World War II to offer a seat to Namor, The Sub-Mariner, but he refused. Sometime afterward they disbanded due to differing outlooks on how to avoid destruction. All members would continue to live on with their own lives (though Bloodstone would die years later). When the Dreaming Maiden started dreaming again, she promised each member "that which they desired" which turned them against one another in searching for her. This again brought Wolverine into the mix along with the daughter of Covenant member Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa Bloodstone. After the Maiden was killed, old members Vanessa Baker, Murderous Lion, Jefferson Chambers, and Wyatt Crowley met together with Elsa Bloodstone and a female version of The Menace to "get back down to business."

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