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 Some members of the Elder council
The Elders are some of the most powerful magical beings in the "good" community. They advise witches and create whitelighters. Their sole purpose is to keep the order of good in balance. Often referred to as "The greater Good". This can often lead to things that are by no circumstances considered good during that time, but in the long run will serve to keep the world in balance. In 1000b.c. the Elders turned a few mortals into Greek Gods to defeat the Titans, who the Elders thought would destroy the world. The Charmed ones first find out about the Elders when Phoebe catches Leo practicing magic. Elders can either be promoted whitelighters or members of the "good" magical community because of their service to good.


 Elders can orb (magical form of teleportation), healing, telekinesis, force field generating, sensing, granting powers, sensing,
 Shooting powerful bolts of electricity
electrokinesis, precognition, molecular control, Immortality, empathy, summoning/conjuring, photokinesis, thermokensis, telepathy, and extremely powerful waves of destructinve energy.

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