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Imaginary construction cobbled together from bits and pieces of Quentin´s favorite video games and movies, it was created as a psychic prison which Quentin has total control over. Using his telepathic powers he managed to trap Wolverine and Armor to fulfill his vengance against Headmaster Wolverine for make him part of the Jean Grey´s School. The bodies of Wolverine and Armor were left behind hidden in the real world but Wolverine´s body enter in a Berserker state in which his body act for itself to find Quentin and kill him.

Providing the Construct with AI and dealing with his normal life Quentin did not realize that he was losing the control of the place. Hidding of Wolverine´s body quentin decided to enter to the construct and recover the control over the dimension. Insted he was trapped inside dealing with thounsands of men conforming an imaginary army that was seeking kill the three of them.

The only option left to the grupo in order to escape was to kill Quentin´s representation in that reality, so Wolverine stabbed him in the chest realesing them from their prison. Wolverine asked Quentin to train him in Psychwar and avoid any future confrontation.

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