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In the commerce driven age of the 1990's the Conglomerate was born in D.C Comic's pages of the Justice League International. The JLI had recently been granted United Nations sponsorship, the business leaders of America decided that they needed a team of super heroes to defend the interests of corporate America. The Conglomerate was the corporate representative's as a "superhero team" being the brain child of public relations specialist Claire Montgomery as competition for the JLI, which was then run by her ex-husband Maxwell Lord. The Conglomerate has had several incarnations, the first led by the ex-Leaguer Booster Gold, and included Praxis, Maxi Man , Echo, Vapor, Reverb and also ex-Leaguer Gypsy. Companies providing sponsorship to the new team included American Steel, Dante Foods, Dupree Chemical, Ferris Aircraft, LexCorp, Ovel Oil, Pax Entertainment, Stagg Industries, S.T.A.R. Labs.

Acting as field leader of this young team Booster Gold spent time shaping the group by performing tasks for the corporate sponsors before the team revolted and began performing truly heroic missions, such as defending the country from corporate pawns. This team initially is hostile towards the JLI, fueled by Booster Gold's recently quitting the group over his own perceived lack of respect from his peers. However given their mutual attitude towards justice the two groups gradually become friendly. Eventually all the members of this version of the Conglomerate disband and its unity drifts away. Booster Gold part ways with the team during an attack upon New York city by the mad alien mentalist, Despero. Claire doesn't want the team to go because she believes they will only get in the way. However Booster Gold believes he has enough experience with the League and leaves on his own.

However, the Conglomerate has an upcoming competition with the JLI, and Montgomery quickly recruits an all- new Conglomerate, thanks to the dimension-spanning powers of would-be member Norman the Doorman: Deadeye, Fiero, Frostbite, Elasti-Man, Element Man, Scarab, and Slipstream, inter dimensional heroes who later are revealed as villains from Qward, however they are defeated by the teamwork of the JLI.  Although this Qwardian team did not have an apparent name to their group, it can be assumed that they were another incarnation of the Crime Syndicate of America. The characters seemed to be douplegangers, or counterparts to League members such as Blue Beetle, the Flash, both Fire and Ice, Metamorpho, the Green Arrow, and finally the Elongated Man

The New Conglomerate

The New Conglomerate
The last  reinvention of the team is led by the British hero known as Templar, and
Al and Jesse
features returning Conglomerate members Echo and Reverb as well as more established heroes such as the former Infinity Inc member Nuklon, and also the once Titan Jessie Quick. However the current status of this Conglomerate is unknown;  Jesse Quick is now a member of the JLA (For some time she operated as the new Liberty Belle in JSA) , and Nuklon, now Atom Smasher on JSA All-Stars. Due to these events and where many of its members have ended up it appears that the team may have dissolved.

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