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New Authority
After the death of Jenny Sparks Jack Hawksmoor took over the team Authority and decided to use the team to not only fight against super villains but he also had them fight against different form of corruption and governments that used their wealth and power to hurt the lives of the people weaker than them. The big boys didn't like the idea of the Authority in their way so they decided to do something about it. The created their own super villain by turning a hillbilly named Seth into a freakish cyborg with over a thousand powers. 

He snuck onto the Carrier by hiding in the womb of a pizza delivery girl and then exploded out of her and started to take out the Authority one by one. The only one that made it out was Midnighter (who healed from a broken neck) and the baby Jenny Quantum. However with the other captured the big boys of the world made themselves a New Authority team that would do whatever they wanted them to do and take care of there needs. Each one was chosen from one of the seven most powerful countries.

Colonel is the leader of the New Authority and is based off of Jenny Sparks. Actually Colonel is really obsessed with Jenny Sparks and goes around finding women like her to have sex with. He is like the rest of his team a violent jerk who uses harsh language. He also is very abusive to his team mate Rush both physically and verbally. When the new team took over the base of operations for the Authority the Carrier they found a group of refugees.

They had been allowed to live on the Carrier but the new team booted them out and then went about there business. However soon the team started to notice strange things going on such as the poor getting fed while they where being publicly blessed by Chaplain Action. After fighting what they thought where aliens they realized that this enemy was really the refugees they booted out the Carrier. The area they dumped them in was called Re-Space and it gave the people the power to rewrite the world as they pleased.

Colonel began to panic a bit because he didn't want anyone to know the things going on where his fault but soon Chaplain Action got him to get to work but his team was turned into the old Authority however thanks to Last Call's homophobe when he became Midnighter and Apollo touched him the broke free from the new world and then so did the others. Colonel used the Re-Space power to turn everything back to the way t started.

After battling super heroes from the future the old team was discovered to be forced to exist in horrible lives without their memories of who they where. However Midnighter no longer stayed in retirement and snuck onto the Carrier and killed Colonel as one of his first victims.


Colonel has powers like those of Jenny Sparks and can create and control electricity. 

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