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First appearing in Big Shot Comics # 1 as Spy-Master, Jeff Cardiff was a seemingly ordinary man who was really a master spy assigned with the task of hunting down Nazi spies and saboteurs.   

Having no special equipment or abilities other than some skill as a detective and a solid right-hook, at first known as The Spy Master this was soon changed to the Spy Chief and after a few years of hunting down spies he took on a third identity and became The Cloak, donning a hooded and flowing cloak to hide his identity whenever he went into battle against a gang of spies. 

Strangely enough on many of his adventures he was aided not by a team of fellow spies, but a troop of boy scouts! 

An also-ran character in Big Shot Comics, sharing space with the likes of Skyman and the Face the character started out as Spy-Master but this was dropped due to it sounding too much like the more successful Spy Smasher over at Fawcett, becoming Spy-Master for a few issues he still proved to be no more popular, at last forced into the costumed Mystery Man mold he limped on a few more issues and then he and his cloak drifted into Comic Book Limbo.     
It's doubtful anyone ever missed him.

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