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Magneto learns about his 'grand-sons'

While the X-Men begin the clean-up of Utopia, Magneto tells Doctor Nemesis that he will not remain in bed, as he wants to help with the clean-up. Magneto notices some young people on a monitor, and Doctor Nemesis explains that they are the Young Avengers. He is surprised that Magneto has not heard of them, considering Wiccan and Speed are rumored to be his grandsons. Magneto takes a print-out of the Young Avengers and finds Cyclops, asking him what he can tell him about Wiccan and Speed. Cyclops assures Magneto that they are not his grandchildren, before Magneto points out their resemblance to the Scarlet Witch, and that they are named Thomas and William - as were the Scarlet Witch’s twins. Magneto helps clear some massive steel pillars, before Wolverine appears and warns Magneto that the Young Avengers are under the protection of the Avengers. Magneto assures him that he means them no harm, while Wolverine is not convinced. In amongst the rubble, Magneto finds a photograph of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as children, and Cyclops gives him permission to take some time for himself off Utopia.

Chapter One

Magneto confronts the Young Avengers

Whilst the Young Avengers are fighting a group of terrorists, Hulkling is hurt which sends Wiccan into a power over-load which puts their enemies into temporary coma's. When everyone comes to, Wiccan doesn't even realize what he's done. Iron Man, Steve Rodgers and Ms. Marvel are worried Billy is getting out of control like his apparent mother, the Scarlet Witch, did and they want to take him into a protective custody. Billy is unwilling, but Steve takes it to his parents and he has to go to Avengers Tower. Teddy joins him there. The rest of the Young Avengers show up to bust them out. At first Billy figures there's no point in escaping, but the others talk him into finding the Scarlet Witch. However, Magneto suddenly arrives...

Chapter Two

Young Avengers & Magneto Vs The Avengers

Magneto confronts the Young Avengers, and attempts to “kidnap” his supposed grandchildren, Wiccan and Speed, announcing that he is taking them to Transia. The other Young Avengers debate at to the extent they want to get involved - Hulkling wants to help his boyfriend, but Patriot doesn’t think they should be allying themselves with a mutant terrorist. Before they can make their minds up, however, a group of Avengers - including Wolverine - attacks. Wiccan tries to explain that Magneto came for their help, that they are going to find the Scarlet Witch and make things right. This angers Ms Marvel and Wolverine, the latter of whom wants to kill both Wiccan and the Scarlet Witch. As the battle between the Avengers and Young Avengers rages, Wiccan decides to teleport his team and Magneto away - to Transia, leaving the Avengers to formulate their next plan of attack. In Transia, Wiccan disguises everyone in costumes from “the Sound of Music” as they approach the village. Hawkeye and Patriot debate their involvement with Magneto, while the Vision and Stature discuss what might happen if they find the Scarlet Witch, and she can bring Stature’s father back to life. Magneto locates his wife’s grave and gives the Young Avengers a very brief history lesson, about the birth of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, before he, Speed and Wiccan join hands around Magda’s grave and try to “reach out” to the Scarlet Witch. Wiccan detects that she is in the village, so Speed races to try and find her - instead he finds a furious Quicksilver, who warns the Young Avengers to leave Transia at once. Wiccan tries to explain that Magneto did not force them to come here, when Quicksilver grabs his supposed nephew and races off. They discuss their situations, before Speed catches up to them and challenges Quicksilver to a race. Quicksilver tells his supposed nephews that he plans to kill Magneto - and grabbing some spiked fence posts he throws them towards Magneto - who suddenly notices a woman in the village who looks like the Scarlet Witch - but she is struck by one of the fence posts - and revealed to be a Doombot.

Chapter Three

The real Wanda re-appears

In Transia, Magneto, Quicksilver and the Young Avengers discover that the robot Wanda they encountered is in fact a Doombot. Magneto reveals Dr Doom's origin to the Young Avengers, while they debate whether or not to go to Latveria, where they assume the real Scarlet Witch is being held captive. Later that night, Wiccan attempts to cast a spell to transport him to Latveria, when Quicksilver catches him in the act. Quicksilver attempts to bond with his supposed nephew, before Wiccan's teammates arrive, and his boyfriend, Hulkling, is not impressed. Hulkling warns Quicksilver to stay away from Wiccan and not to give him any ideas about going to Latveria. Meanwhile, at the Avengers Tower, inactive Avenger Wonder Man has been summoned, as the Avengers believe he, given his closeness to the Scarlet Witch, may have some hope of finding her. Wonder Man is not keen to help the Avengers given the way they blame her for the team mate's own mistakes. But when Wonder Man learns Wolverine wants to kill the Scarlet Witch, he attacks Wolverine, and flies off on his own, announcing he is going to find the Scarlet Witch before Wolverine does. Wiccan cannot sleep, and writes a letter to Hulkling, before transporting himself to Latveria, where, upon landing in the castle grounds, is surrounded by Doombots. Wiccan disguises himself as the Scarlet Witch and claims he got lost. The Doombots take him to the Scarlet Witch's quarters, where the apparent real Wanda attacks Wiccan. He explains to her that he is a super hero and come to rescue her. But when the Scarlet Witch claims she does not know Magneto or Quicksilver, Wiccan deduces that she has amnesia, or is faking it. But Wiccan gets another shock when the Scarlet Witch reveals that she is getting married tomorrow - and Dr Doom appears, announcing that the Scarlet Witch is getting married to him.

Chapter Four

Iron Lad returns

Wiccan battles Doctor Doom as he believes Wanda is under his control. Doom assures Wiccan that she is not, and claims he has been trying to protect everyone. Wiccan tries to trigger Wanda’s memory by telling her about the Scarlet Witch, the Vision and her sons, but Doom takes Wiccan out with a powerful blast. Wanda is surprised by Doom’s actions and Doom tells her that it is not too late to reconsider their marriage tomorrow. The next morning, Magneto, Quicksilver and the rest of the Young Avengers arrive near Doom’s castle, planning to rescue Wanda and Wiccan. But they notice a fleet of ships in the sky - and Wonder Man, who has just arrived. The Avengers - Captain America, Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Spider-Man and Luke Cage arrive as well, having tracked the ionic signature of their former teammate. Doom revives Wiccan and informs him that Wanda came to him, asking for his help on behalf of her people, and that he found himself unable to refuse her. Doom and Wiccan discuss the situation and Doom points out the similarities between himself and Wiccan, before offering him protection here, to stay as his guest - otherwise his prisoner, before informing Wiccan that when he healed him, he took away his powers.

Outside, Magneto has attacked the ships, enabling the Young Avengers the distraction they need - but as they make their plan to enter the castle, the Avengers and Wonder Man appear. Inside, the Scarlet Witch locates Wiccan, who is chanting that he wants his powers back. Dressed in her wedding dress, Wanda tells Wiccan that everything here has been too perfect, and that she wants to know about the Scarlet Witch. Wiccan agrees to tell her what he knows, provided she gets him out of here. They make their way through a tunnel, as Wiccan tells Wanda about her and the Vision, their children, Master Pandemonium, the “ Disassembled” fiasco, and about how he joined the Young Avengers and met his apparent twin brother. But as they make their way outside, they find Doom and his Doombots involved in a full scale war with Magneto, the Avengers and Young Avengers. Before they have time to act though, Wolverine appears and captures Wanda, ready to kill her. Wiccan explains that Wanda has no powers and no memory, that she is not a threat to anyone. Wolverine reminds Wanda about “No More Mutants”, and prepares to kill her - before he is blasted away by Iron Lad, who announces that he is here to protect Wiccan as the future depends on it!


Iron Lad battles Kang in the future

In the far future, Iron Lad is battling his future self, Kang the Conqueror on the planet Moord. Iron Lad is continuing his mission to prevent himself from becoming Kang and defeating Kang's schemes, but Kang insists that no matter what he does, everything will lead to him becoming his true future self. Suddenly a group of Avengers shows up, except these are the Young Avengers grown up: Vision, Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Cassie Lang (Stinger), Ted (as Captain Marvel), Eli (as Captain America), Samantha Wilson Bradley (Falcon), Steve Wilson Bradley (Bucky) and Tom Shepherd (Quicksilver). In this future, this Kang is a member of the Avengers, Tom and Kate are an item, as are Kang and Cassie. They reveal that the other 'real' Avengers are searching the timestream for them to kill them, because of what they are doing, killing whole populations of aliens like the Badoon. Nathaniel (Iron Lad) tries to convince them that they are not following their original founding principles and thinks back on the incident that started their career. In the past we see that Iron Lad wanted to defeat Kang and was training Wiccan, Eli and Ted in a specially built hologram training room. But when Kang appears in the simulation, Nathaniel freezes in fear and Wiccan and Ted have to finish the program. The four take a break and go out for the night. Seeing Kate Bishop on the phone arranging the rehearsal dinner for the wedding that will eventually lead to her joining the team, they dare each other to talk to her but fail. Suddenly they see lightning, but discover that Electro is responsible. Electro is in the process of killing bystanders and breaking stuff. The four heroes attack him but struggle to defeat him. Iron Lad is able to absorb Electro's energy causing an explosion that knocks Electro down. Momentarily impressed with their victory, the guys are taken by surprise when Electro revives and takes them out. They regroup and defeat him finally. Back in the future scene, Iron Lad tries to convince the team that as the Young Avengers they intervened to save and protect others, but they remind him that Electro subsequently broke out villains from the Raft in the Breakout. He counters by stating that this incident resulted in the formation of the New Avengers. Kang tells him that those Avengers eventually decided they should eliminate all who stood in their way, including killing Scarlet Witch and Wiccan in Latveria. Kang claims he saved the remaining Young Avengers from death by traveling back in time to save them in Latveria. At that, Iron Lad decides to travel back in time to intervene in the fight between the Young Avengers and the adult Avengers, to save Wiccan and Wanda himself. After he disappears into the timestream, Wiccan appears and tells Kang he didn't have to lie to Nathaniel. Kang is unperturbed by this, as his words had the desired effect of sending Iron Lad back in time to begin the chain of events that will lead to him becoming Kang and destroying the Avengers.

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