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The Nullifier Bomb is growing big on top of Champions' Building in LA. Black Goliath tries to destroy it but is also drained. Meanwhile in another place in the Universe, the Champions are battleing Kamo Tharn and his minions. During the fight Hercules realises he had already stolen the object of power they were sent to get, and it is back on Earth. Darkstar finds the oppening of Stranger's portal back to Earth and uses her powers to pass through it. Trying to save her, Iceman jumps after her and almost dies in space without air. He only survives using his own body water to make a capsule around him. The place turns into fire and magma with the remaining Champions in the middle of it.

Inside the Nullifier, Strange is using what has left of his powers t delay the Bomb, and Goliath tries to help him, only to be attacked by the Bomb self defense system.

A huge lava monster is summoned by Kamo Tharn and it attacks Hercules and Ghost Rider, while flying demons attack Black Widow and Angel. All of them are killed in action, one by one.

Finally Darkstar and Iceman reach the end of Stranger's portal and get inside the Bomb. There Darkstar tells Stranger that the object he seeks is already on Earth hidden. He then uses his powers to find it and Darkstar grabs the Mystic Orbe of Kamo Tharn. Then Darkstar uses the Orbe's power together with Stranger's powers to increase the Nullifier Bomb's power, making it so big that its circuits explodes and it grows big forever. This way, the bomb would never destroy anything.

Back in Kamo Tharn's World, the death of the Champions was only an illusion caused by him, and then Angel could beats him and they all go back to Earth.

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