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The Champions were coming back in Champscraft to their building when they saw Black Goliath fightig against Stilt-Man on the top of it. They all join the fight, with Angel punching his face and dropping his gun, that Darkstar destroys with her dark force. A misterious woman enters the building with a box that ust be destroyed before Stilt-Man gets it. Iceman tries to freeze him but the heat from his legs melt the ice. Hercules uses his strengh to push Stilt-Man down but then he attacks with his mecanic legs, throwing both Hercules and Black Goliath away. Ghost Rider then tries to melt the ground around his legs and arrest him, but he manages to escape and run away, with Black Goliath ging after him by himself.

The strange woman is Regina Clayborne and she had explained everything to Black Widow - her husband Jerry was hired by someone to steal a device from Stark Industries. Now he is gone and all he left was that strange glowing box in her hands, that Stilt-Man is after.

Sudenly an astonishing light pass trhough the wall and The Stranger appears in the room. He says that this device is extremily dangerous and he has to desactivate it, but the Champions don't believe him and try to fight back. Ghost Rider and Darkstar try to punish him with their rays, but nothing happens and the box starts to glow higher and higher. In another place Black Goliath lost his track on Stilt-Man.

Hercules also tries to defeat Stranger but he is easily beated.

The box transforms into a huge device that start to consume everyone, starting with Regina. Then the Strange says it is now too late for saving the Earth and that device is the Nullifier Bomb and will destroy everything. The Champions had ruined it all.

At the end the Strange enters the Bomb and uses all his powers to delay the process of destruition while he had send the Champions to another part of the Universe to find the only object that could stop the process. They were all sent to Kamo Tharn World. He is the Possessor, an old foe of Hercules.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Spider-Man! The Champ.

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