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The Chairmen are one of the three ruling groups in New Vegas.

The Chairmen moved into New Vegas after Benny took leadership of the group and agreed to Mr.House's terms and conditions. They were given control of a casino known as The Tops. The Chairmen have a certain style to them that reflects the images of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, dressed in dapper suits, had slicked back hair, and an overall classy aura about them. While in New Vegas the leader of the Chairmen, Benny, became Mr.Houses right hand man. This is until the point that Benny stole something of value from Mr.House in an attempt to overthrow his leadership. In Benny's absence Swank is the leader of the Chairmen.

Team Evolution

Before they were brought to New Vegas they were one of the various tribes that lived in the Mojave Wasteland.

The Chairmen were once called the Boot Riders, this was when they were still a nomadic tribe. They were a group of warriors who were bound by honor and tradition along with being ruthless, known for scalping their foes for fun.

Eventually this tribe was contacted by a Securitron sent by Mr.House, though the Securitron was destroyed the moment it was spotted by the tribe. Giving the group a second chance Mr.House sent a force of 20 Securitrons and made an attempt to convince the tribe to come to New Vegas where they would become one of the ruling families. The current leader of the tribe, Bingo, was not willing to change the tribes traditions and declined the offer, though he was soon challenged by a member of the tribe, Benny.

Benny wished for the tribe to grow in power and gain new technologies, he saw the chance as an opportunity and challenged Bingo for leadership of the tribe. Benny won the challenge, which was a fight to the death using knives, and moved the Boot Riders into New Vegas where they were given command of the Top's Casino and changed their name to the Chairmen.

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