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The Caretaker is a member of the Silicon Syndicate, ruling eBuy. The Curator is obsessed with antiques, and collects both objects…and people. In a subbasement of eBuy, the Caretaker has built a small neighborhood, complete with kidnapped people. If anyone does something wrong in this city, they are killed. If he's bored or indecisive, he has a control panel, which gives him the option to hurt the inhabitants. This helps him clear his head.

The Caretaker's vintage 1949 Allard J-1 car was destroyed in the first real encounter with the Birds of Prey. Furious, he aims to replace it. This provides the perfect opportunity for the Birds of Prey to take him down.

Oracle and Black Canary set up a faux auction for a replacement car….which is 'closed' because they want to blow up the car for a movie. This infuriates the Caretaker even further, leading him to sic Calculator's entire army of hitmen on them. Instead of leaving all the work to them, Caretaker appears in person, and is promptly captured by Black Canary and Oracle.

Meanwhile, Huntress and Infinity work to free the Caretaker's neighborhood. It requires a code, which Oracle convinces Caretaker to give her, or she'd destroy a bunch of antiques.

Powers and Abilities

The Caretaker has no powers or real fighting skills, but he is quite intelligent. He is also extremely obsessive, to the point of killing anyone who damages an antique or item he was fond of.

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