answerman's The Brave and the Bold #7 - Scalpels and Chainsaws review

How is this not the #1 comic each month?

This issue and each and everyone thats come before it have been just flat-out awesome.

In Brave and Bold #7 Perez looks better than ever, and Waids script is as perfect a script as the mans delivered!

Now I'm a frikken Perez Fanboy, but I was floored by the perfection of each and every panel in this ish.

Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Superman (amongst others in the ish whose presence I won't spoil here) have never looked better.

I'm almost at a loss as to where I should start describing the ish, and what I should and shouldn't reveal!

Lets just say that this baby has it all, the continuing plot thread from ish #1 of the series, great cast of characters, excellent creative use of the Wonder Woman/Power Girl dynamic which we've never really seen before!

Never has the concept of the Invisible Plane been cooler, and the Epilogue was phenomenal!

Well worth your hard earned cash!


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    Wonder Woman and Power Girl team up...not bad at all...I did think that Power Girl seemed a little pushy about everything and not as level headed as she is now with the Justice Society.Dr. Alchemy makes his return and was actually good...he has soooo much power to be a second rate villain...what's up with that. And Superman is the intended target of the book...and he is downed very well.I like the art very much and the story in this book has been improving and it is all a big mystery...I know so...

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    It's great to have The Brave and the Bold back.The Brave and the Bold was always one of my favorites to see how a guy who dresses up like a bat and doesn't work with anybody would end up working with just about anybody in the old DC Universe. The stories themselves were sort of secondary to the interaction between Batman and (fill in the blank with the name of this month's guest star). It was good to be a Batman fan.The stories by Mark Waid have been fantastic. The art by George Perez has been p...

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