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At the annual Sportsman's Show in Federal City, a life size wax figurine shatters to reveal the Sportsmaster. Garbed in fishing attire, the Sportsmaster uses a rod and reel to snag the famous Parker Trophy from across the room. A second cast of his reel shatters the wax tennis player figurine, which explodes into a hail of tennis balls, bombarding the crowd. The third cast of his reel shatters the wax bowler figurine, which unleashes bowling balls into the crowd, taking out the security forces. The Sportsmaster changes from his fishing attire into ski wear, then takes to the skies on jet powered skis. On site during the theft is Dinah Drake Lance, who gives pursuit as the Black Canary. Nearby, at his palatial estate in Federal City, Ted Knight admires the grandeur of his astronomical gardens, peppered with replicas of famous, historical observatories. A cry for help from the still unfinished Pekin Observatory brings Knight racing in to investigate. Donning his Starman garb, Knight swiftly locates the source of the distress call, his old comrade Wildcat, caged and unconscious. Unbeknownst to Starman, he is being observed from the shadows by the Huntress, who unleashes a flock of hunting falcons on the Astral Avenger. With the power of his cosmic rod, Starman pulls a meteor down from orbit, shattering it to rain debris on the flock. At the behest of the Huntress, the falcons regroup only to have Starman imprison several of them in cubes of pure astral force. The ones that escape run headlong into a barrier drawn by the cosmic rod from the Aurora Borealis. The Huntress flees with Starman in hot pursuit.

Spying Starman closing in on the Huntress, the Sportsmaster javelin throws one of his jet skies at the Astral Avenger. The impact knocks Starman, unconscious, from the sky. As the Sportsmaster turns away from the downed hero, Black Canary tackles him, then flips him with a judo maneuver. Sportsmaster's impact with the ground lodges his remaining ski in the earth, hindering his movements. The Huntress ambushes the Black Canary, but the Blonde Bombshell recovers quickly from the Huntress' surprise attack. Only the intervention of the Sportsmaster, who finally frees his trapped leg, allows the villains to get the best of the Black Canary. Sportsmaster switches to yachting attire, then escapes with the Huntress in a getaway boat. Upon regaining consciousness, Black Canary revives Starman. The pair return to Knight's estate to collect Wildcat, only to find him missing, presumably a captive of the Sportsmaster and the Huntress. Returning to the site of their battle, Starman and Black Canary search the grounds for the Sportsmaster's skis. Once found, they wait until the Sportsmaster remote calls his equipment home. The two heroes follow the rocketing skis to a hidden chalet. Searching the chalet turns up Wildcat, locked in a cage, next to several other caged animals. Releasing Wildcat also releases the wild animals. No sooner does Wildcat punch out a kangaroo, then he is under assault by a polar bear. Starman is attacked by a panther, then a wild boar. The Black Canary squares off with a gorilla. Starman finally ignites a flaming barrier with his cosmic rod, which drives the animals back into their respective cages. Meanwhile, The Sportsmaster and the Huntress, riding atop a floating putting green, are already en route to their next crime.

Soaring over the Federal City Country Club, the Sportsmaster drives golfballs into the golfers and caddies, leaving the fairways littered with unconscious men. Back at the Sportsmaster's chalet, Starman and the Black Canary convince Wildcat to remain behind, in case the criminal duo returns. The Sportsmaster just finishes stealing a prize golf bag, filled with one hundred thousand dollars, when Starman and the Black Canary arrive. The Sportsmaster hurls his explosive beanie at Starman, who deflects it back at Sportsmaster, with a cosmic rod generated tennis racket. The Sportsmaster next javelin throws the cup pole, really a guided missile, at Starman, attempting to drive the Astral Avenger beneath the floating putting green. In pursuit of the the Huntress, the Black Canary stumbles into a pit. The Huntress then flips the Black Canary towards the underside of the floating putting green. Starman uses his cosmic rod to kick up some sod. One earthen clod knocks the Black Canary back towards the Huntress, the second pummels the Sportsmaster, knocking him off the putting green. A third divot destroys the guided missile the Sportsmaster had launched at Starman. The two heroes hurl the two villains underneath the putting green, then Starman uses his cosmic rod to activate the trap meant for him and the Black Canary. A cage drops down from the putting green, imprisoning the Sportsmaster and the Huntress. Wildcat, as former heavyweight champion of the world, Ted Grant, returns the stolen Parker Trophy to the Sportsman's show.







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