hyperion322's The Brave and the Bold #33 - Ladies' Night review

With Friends Like These --

I'm a sucker for stories that involve superheroes getting together in their secret identities and nowadays there seems to be fewer and fewer. Not only that, but issue #33 involves three of my favorite characters, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Zatanna. Without giving too much away, this story from the past shows the sorceress, Zatanna, insisting on a girls night out and it isn't until the very end that readers find out why and also how she confided in Princess Diana before hand. Zee's motivation is understandable, but while it's really to benefit the workaholic, Batgirl, one can't help but wonder what Babs would say if she knew what Zee and Diana knew. I'm a little confused as to why writer, J. Michael Straczynski, didn't involve another heroine, Black Canary, since it would seem she has more in common with Batgirl, but I'll keep my fingers crossed this story is touched upon again for a little more added effect now that word is out that the writer will be taking over Wonder Woman's regular series.  Confused? Well pick up the issue for a fun and touching story splendidly done with much heart and realism by Stranczynski and Cliff Chiang. ~ Hype


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