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Batman and the Hawk and the Dove – Time, See What’s Become of Me…

After a nice dinner with fellow Justice Leaguers Barry Allen (aka Flash) and Hal Jordan (aka Green Lantern), Bruce Wayne dons the garb of Batman and goes out to search San Francisco for local crime boss Thomas Kurland. Batman finds Kurland’s son, and plans to let him lead Batman to his father. But his stakeout is interrupted by the super-hero Hawk, one that Batman last saw 12 years ago. Batman tries to stop Hawk, but Hawk’s recklessness causes Kurland Jr. to fall off the building ledge. Hawk turns back to his true identity of Hank Hall, and flees. Batman, unable to save Kurland Jr., leaves to hunt the Hawk.
Meanwhile, at Berkeley, Don Hall (aka Hawk’s partner Dove), has been laid off. Don, as Dove, stops a mugging, but neither the thugs nor the victim know the name Dove. Don reminisces of times past, when Hawk and Dove were well known, and when they received their superhuman strength from a mysterious voice. Don returns to his wife, and bemoans his lot in life. His lover Michelle leaves, urging him to stop comparing himself to his brother Hank.
Along Ocean Beach, Kurland Sr. puts out a hit on Hank Hall to avenge his son’s death. At the San Francisco Blade, Batman tracks down a probable location on Dove. And at Hank Hall’s condo, Hank almost hits his wife Linda when she tries to force Hank to come to terms with his life. He angrily leaves, going to hunt Kurland Sr.
Batman finds Don Hall, and takes him to Hank’s house to talk to him. However, they find Linda held hostage by Kurland’s men. Batman and Dove take out Kurland’s men, and one of them tells the duo that they can find Kurland on his boat, the Rosalia. Hawk has been hunting down Kurland through sacking his nightclubs. Goons get the jump on Hawk, and they bind him and take him back to Kurland’s boat.
Batman and Dove prepare to assault the boat. While they swim, Hawk wakes up in the hold of the Rosalia. As he does, the same disembodied voice that gave Hawk and Dove their powers appears. The voice tells Hawk that they have learned nothing of each other from the use of their powers, and thus they are being removed. Both Hawk and Dove transform back into their secret identities. Kurland hesitates to kill Hank, and that gives Batman and Don a chance to save the day. Batman and a non-powered Don save Hank. Now, the two brothers must learn to live their lives without their powers, but with each other as brothers.

Nemesis – Heartbreak!

Continued from last issue. Nemesis has finally found Council member Dr. Rice, the scientist who designed the heart stimulator attached to Nemesis’ chest. However, when Nemesis confronts Dr. Rice, Rice triggers the stimulator, causing Nemesis intense pain. Nemesis manages to work through the pain and knock Dr. Rice out.
At the well-kept estate of Samuel Solomon, the head of the Council, Dr. Rice rushes to meet Solomon. Dr. Rice explains how Nemesis captured him to find out the location of the master control of the heart stimulator. Solomon sees through the fact that Dr. Rice is really Nemesis in disguise, but not quick enough. Nemesis knocks out Solomon, manages to trick Solomon’s guard into getting him to the master control. Nemesis gets out of the heart stimulator, and puts it on an unconscious Solomon as the ultimate revenge. 

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