airdave817's The Brave and the Bold #11 - Superman and Ultraman (Metamorpho and Challengers of the Unknown) review

The Face in the Mirror Looking Back at Me -OR- Huh?

That's a great cover by George Perez, huh? It sure is.

What's that? Jerry Ordway is pencilling this issue? Huh?

Well, anyway, he's got the same great backup team that Perez has had. Bob Wiacek, Tom Smith and Rob Leigh.

That's a great cover of Superman and Ultraman together, huh? Kinda reminds me of DC Comics Presents 26. Superman and Green Lantern. I can't, for the life of me remember what that story was about. There was some kind of New Teen Titans previews insert in the center of that issue. Written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Perez. Huh, imagine that.

The story starts out with a pretty big bang - the Challengers of the Unknown trying to stop Metamorpho from stealing Hal Jordan's Power Battery. It's not really Metamorpho. He's been posessed by Megistus. Wasn't Hal's Power Battery one of the artifacts that was part of that JLA/Avengers team-up a couple of years ago? Or was that Kyle's?

Here's my take on Superman and Ultraman - is this the episode with the Duplicate Kirk or the Mirror Universe Kirk?

This reads a lot like a cartoon episode. Not a very good one.

I can't see these two together. Not since the Earth-2 graphic novel.

I can't see Ultraman plagued by - yet another - Myxzptlk. What's more, this is a comic book and not a cartoon. How is Superman going to know the difference between the imp he knows, and this imp?

The bummer about this is that this story started out so cool, with Batman and Green Lantern. Here it is almost resolved, and there's this hiccup. This really big hiccup. So big, it has its own zip code. Good lookin' story. It just makes my head hurt.

Well, it's almost over. Please, let it be over. Soon.


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