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 The Brain takes on DD.
The Brain is a man that was kidnapped alongside the Mangler and the Dancer by the Masked Marauder. The three individuals were placed inside plexi-glass pods and their individual abilities were transferred into an android called the Tri-Man. The Tri-Man attained the Brain's intelligence, the Dancer's quickness and the Mangler's strength. The Masked Marauder sent the android to a boxing match where Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson were in attendance. Tri-Man challenged Daredevil to face him or he would destroy the arena. Daredevil engaged Tri-Man in battle and easily defeated him. Tri-Man was being levitated away when Daredevil grabbed his ankles and was transported to the Marauder's lair. Daredevil managed to escape and break open the Dancer's pod. The Masked Marauder offered the Dancer a large amount of money to take down Daredevil. The Dancer was easily beaten and tossed into the pods of the Brain and the Mangler. The Marauder also offered the Brain money to take out Daredevil. The Brain attempted to electrocute the man without fear with two live wires but was easily defeated.

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