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DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT is proud to welcome Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys as they present issue #7 of the series!

The series continues from Dynamite with issue #7 as Butcher takes Wee Hughie to meet the Boys' greatest weapon against the Supes: a man called "The Legend." Plus, meet the troubled hero Tek Knight - a man with a problem so unusual you'll have to read this comic to believe it!

Starting with issue #7, Dynamite is your new home for The Boys each and every month. Find out for yourself why everyone's been talking about The Boys!

Tek Knight, a hero of the super-team, Payback visits a psychiatrist. He has developed a problem in which he wants to have relations with anything he can. After a false tip to capture a terrorist army, Payback was flying back to their headquarters. He became aware of fellow teammate and robot, Mind-Droid's rear end. He tried having relations with him in mid-flight and was suspended from the team. He has gone on to make attempts on several other things. He finally gets kicked out of the doctor's office and told never to return when he tried to have his way with the doctor's coffee cup when he left to answer the phone.

Wee Hughie is called in to see Butcher. He finds the rest of the Boys sitting around. He is surprised that Frenchman and the Female are just playing Monopoly on a Cluedo board. Mother's Milk tells him that they're both crazy and are waiting to put the hurt on someone else. Wee Hughie then receives a black overcoat similar to what the others all wear. He now really feels like part of the team.

Hughie meets with Butcher and they discuss the coat. Butcher tells him that if they get in a fight to just hit anything not wearing one. They arrive at Vinnie's Comics. As they wait to meet with The Legend, Butcher tells Hughie the secrets of the real heroes. Comic books are just a front. The truth is the supes all pretty much have their dark secrets. Butcher says that they are an asset to them because they wouldn't be able to blackmail the supes if the truth was made public.

When Butcher introduces Hughie to the Legend, they are given what will become their next case. The Legend's sister's grandson was recently thrown off a rooftop and the police are not doing much to find out who is responsible. The Legend says that the supe known as Swingwing is involved. Swingwing was Tek Knight's first Laddio, his sidekick.

Meanwhile, Tek Knight is doing all he can to resist the temptation of the current Laddio. When Laddio wants to have a workout and bends over to do some streches in front of Tek Knight, he knows he needs to send him off. Tek Knight is left wondering who he can get to help him with his problem.

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