sifighter's The Bounce #2 - Book Two review

Flying High as a kite, The Bounce #2 Review

Joe Casey seems to come up with some interesting subjects whenever he gets his own independent work, especially his newest work, the bounce, who is basically spider-man if he smoke pot. He's a carefree slacker who has superpowers, and to be honest he really is not a bad character, just not really a very positive role model. This issue begins where the last issue ended with Jasper being on some sort of drug trip seeing his dead friend in a world filled with other costumed superhumans, a place I hope is explored more as the series goes on. What else we get is the beginning of how Jasper got his amazing powers and a few well placed fight scenes. What came as a shocker was the ending where Jasper and his roommate Terry both find out a big secret about each other, although I think Jasper wished he never saw Terry's secret. Overall, this is turning into a very interesting series and I can't wait to read more.

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