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Detailed Plot Summary

Part One: The Fun Stuff

Marc Spector begging Khonshu

The issue begins with a flashback. We see Moon Knight, in his prime, viciously beating up rival gangsters. After disabling all of them, he leaves in the Mooncopter, piloted by Frenchie, and returns home to make love to his girlfriend Marlene. There is a short sequence here that shows Moon Knight repeating this process every night. Finally, the scene cuts to the present, to the current Marc Spector - a broken, pill-addicted cripple surrounded by bottles of booze and living in filth. As he struggles to take a painkiller, more flashbacks are shown to when Moon Knight was first crippled. How all his friends abandoned him, how he physically abused Marlene, and how he lost all of his fortune. In the present, as his painkiller rolls towards a statue draped with a cover, he kneels by it and pulls it aside, revealing a statue of Khonshu. His final words in the narration are: "But please, let me be a hero again."

Part Two: Fear More Than God

Moon Knight vs. Bushman

Spector sits on the ground and pulls up his pants, revealing the brutal scars on his knees. He flashes back to the fight that crippled him - the final fight with his nemesis, Raoul Bushman. It's a bloody, vicious fight on the rooftops that ends in tragedy when Moon Knight gets pushed off the side by Bushman. Falling down, he slams repeatedly onto the sides of buildings before landing feet-first onto the earth. His legs are a bloody twisted mess when he finally hits the ground. Bushman drops down beside Moon Knight, approaching him for the kill, but Spector quickly throws multiple moon darts out. They impale themselves on Bushman's neck, but as he falls down beside Moon Knight, he manages to sink his teeth into the hero's face before Moon Knight can punch him off. In his final act as Moon Knight, Spector uses one of his moon darts as a carving knife and skins Bushman's face. He holds the skinned face of his nemesis to the Moon and calls out Khonshu's name.

Back in the present, someone flicks a cigarette onto the street, but a passerby picks it up. The passerby is Crawley, one of Moon Knight's old associates, and he begins smoking the discarded cigarette. Crawley stops by at a pharmacy to collect Spector's prescriptions. Back in Marc Spector's home, his butler Samuels steps into the room and asks if he's alright. Samuels then helps Marc back up to his wheelchair just as Crawley arrives. Samuels offers to make Crawley some tea, but Spector tells Samuels that he's not staying. Crawley starts calling Marc by one of his old identities, Jake, and Marc tells him not to do that. As Crawley speaks, we see the eyes of the Khonshu statue glowing for a brief moment. After giving Marc his medication, Crawley mentions that Frenchie wants to meet with Spector. Marc seems genuinely surprised, and calls for Samuels to get the car ready for lunch. He puts aside his painkillers.

In an unknown location somewhere, a young man named Donnie enters the Profile's office and tells him that Asset Prime is moving. As the Profile stares at the man, the reader can see his point of view, analyzing every aspect of the man.

Part Three: To the Bone

As Marc Spector arrives at Frenchie's restaurant, a briefing on Marc Spector's past is also being held in the unknown location. Donnie is giving the presentation, detailing Spector's history in the Marine Corps until his dishonorable discharge in '87, before he is interrupted by the Profile. The Profile then takes over while berating Donnie for not cutting to the chase, and goes straight to Spector's time as a mercenary in the desert.

At Frenchie's restaurant, Marc meets Jean-Paul. Marc is using a cane while Jean-Paul's feet have been replaced by prosthetics, and the two comment that they should sit down before they fall over. Jean-Paul's partner, Rob, comes over and despite Marc's protests, Jean-Paul orders some food for him. Back at the unknown location, the Profile explains that in '89, Marc had already associated himself with two other mercenaries - Jean-Paul Duchamp and Raoul Bushman. In '91 they were cleaning up some loose ends post-Desert Storm, but occasionally indulged in some personal business. One such instance of this was in the Valley of the Kings, in the Tomb of King Sety II. Excavation of the newly-discovered chambers were being undertaken by Dr. Peter Alraune Senior and his daughter Marlene, and the three mercenaries had planned on ransacking the tomb. Chaos ensued, and Dr. Alraune was killed while Bushman and Spector fight over whether or not to kill Marlene. The Profile then states that Bushman successfully kills Spector.

Back at Frenchie's, Jean-Paul reveals that Rob is not his business partner, but rather his life partner. Marc is shocked, and asks Frenchie about all those women, and Frenchie replies that most of those were beards. Marc then says that Frenchie should have told him, but Jean-Paul replied that he did every day. Each time that he risked his life for Marc and his cause, each time he told Marc that he loved him. Marc then asks if anyone else knew, and Jean-Paul replies that Marlene did. Marc then gets angry, asking if this is why Frenchie called for him, but Jean-Paul replies that he didn't call Marc here. In the Profile's briefing, he notes that this is where things get unusual. Where something blurs Marc Spector's outline and obscures his profile. In the tomb of Sety II, Khonshu - the Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance - resurrects Marc as his avatar on Earth. The Profile then goes on to state that Khonshu has already resurrected Spector twice.

Back at Frenchie's, Marc realizes that Crawley set them up. He gets angry at Frenchie and storms off. In the Profile's briefing, he notes that after his resurrection, Spector began developing multiple identities: the billionaire Steven Grant, the cab driver Jake Lockley, and the hero Moon Knight. All of these personalities served Khonshu, and the Profile states that this was the reason why the Committee failed to recruit Moon Knight. The Profile then goes on to say that Moon Knight has since fallen out of his prime, and Khonshu's influence has waned. He then states that Spector is searching for a reason to live, and if they (the New Committee) want to recruit him, they need a long-term strategy. He needs to be isolated from his remaining friends, given an injury, and then provided a catalyst (revealing that it was the New Committee who hired Bushman to cripple Spector).

As the briefing is going on, we see Frenchie and Rob being attacked by a man in a black tracksuit. The man rips off Frenchie's prosthetic legs and beats him with it. Meanwhile, we see Samuels giving Spector the news about Frenchie and Marc goes to the hospital to visit him. He meets with Rob there to see the bedridden Jean-Paul, and as he leaves, he sees Marlene as well. Marc then goes off to find the man who assaulted Frenchie, and then proceeds to attakc him. Unsheathing a blade from his cane, he runs it through the man's mouth before repeatedly stabbing him.

Enter: Taskmaster

In the Profile's briefing, Donnie reveals that he has already executed one of the final phase contingencies (the beating of Frenchie). The Profile gets angry, stating that Donnie did that because he thought he would be rewarded for it, and says that because the wrong contingency was executed at the wrong time, Moon Knight now has a reason to live. He states that because the catalyst has been activated, Spector has been reminded of what he loves doing and is 'resurrected' for the third time.

The head of the Committee suddenly calls for 'Contingency T' and two pens shoot out of nowhere, stabbing Donnie in his eyes and killing him. Taskmaster suddenly appears, revealing that he has been hired by the New Committee, and the Committee head tells him to kill Spector.

Part Four: Interest in a Mirror

Khonshu appears

As Spector is knelt down in front of the statue of Khonshu, he prays and begs for his god to 'give him more'. Suddenly, Khonshu appears from behind the statue in human form (as Raoul Bushman with his face skinned off). Marc panics, thinking it's Morpheus, and Khonshu switches form into Dr. Alraune with a knife in his neck. Marc reaches for a reolver, thinking that he's gone insane, and Khonshu tries to calm him down - first by putting Bushman's skinned face back on. He then tries Crawley and Jean-Paul, but both fail to calm Spector from putting the gun to his head, until Khonshu switches form to Marlene. Marc finally realizes that it's really his god, and asks Khonshu (who's back to Bushman now) why he left him. Khonshu replies that he never did. Meanwhile, the Profile is seen sleeping with the female stenographer from the earlier briefing, and they discuss Moon Knight. The Profile talks about how no one cares about Moon Knight, except for the New Committee, because their fathers failed to recruit him.

The Profile then goes on to psychoanalyze Moon Knight, talking about Spector's past. Spector's father was a rabbi, his wife died giving birth to Marc, and so he resented Marc. Marc then proceeds to reject his father's God before leaving, looking for love. As he grows older, Marc realizes that he's good at hurting people. In all of his professions (boxer, soldier, mercenary), he learns that he excels at it and that other people love him for it. Back at Spector's apartment, Marc finally reaffirms his fate with Khonshu, and is able to stand, no longer needing his cane or wheelchair. Khonshu tells him to 'do his work' and 'take vengeance', and he will reward Spector with glories. Suddenly, Marlene appears in the apartment, asking Marc if he's gone mad.

Marlene starts screaming at him, telling him that police had interrogated Frenchie while he was still bed-ridden, asking about who nearly killed the man who injured him. Marc then replies that he can stand now, prompting Marlene to punch him across the face. Marlene then continues to berate him, calling him selfish. She states that all of his friends sacrificed everything for him and his god, but that the moment it got hard, he quit. Marlene then asks him if he thinks it's a coincidence that Jean-Paul was attacked on the day that he met Marc. Marlene suddenly notices that the statue of Khonshu is no longer covered.

Without warning, Taskmaster bursts in through the window, armed with a blade and a shield. Marlene charges at him while Marc grabs a knife, but Taskmaster manages to knock Marlene out and dodge the blade. Taskmaster is momentarily impressed by their chemistry, and then goes on to say that he's here to kill Spector.

Part Five: Friendless & Alone

The New Committee Speaks

Taskmaster then goes into a monologue, stating how his business of training other supervillains keeps getting busted, prompting him to take little side-jobs like these. Taskmaster then drags Marc to his television screen, where the New Committee are broadcasting live and talking to Spector. The New Committee then states that they will kill him and anyone he cares for. Taskmaster then proceeds to ready himself to behead Spector, before Marlene suddenly emerges from behind and fires a revolver at Taskmaster. Taskmaster manages to shield himself, and shoots an arrow that lands right in the barrel of Marlene's revolver. Taskmaster then tells Marlene to surrender or he'll pin her to the wall, but while he is distracted, Marc manages to bury a moon dart into Taskmaster's foot. Marlene fires at Taskmaster several more times before he throws his crossbow at her, and then Samuels appears with a blunderbuss, shooting Taskmaster out the window. Taskmaster flees off in a nondescript van.

As Marlene helps Marc up, Marc tells Samuels to get the car ready and to wake up Nedda (the cleaner). They leave for Long Island to Spector's former mansion and enter Marc's secret headquarters underneath the building. Nedda goes off to find something for them to eat as Marlene attends to Marc's wounds. Marlene then starts using the computers to locate the New Committee through their earlier broadcast, while Samuels refuels one of the Mooncopters. Marc puts on his inner armor and suits up, even though he's weak. Marlene then asks him what his going to do, and Marc - now in his full Moon Knight garb - replies, "Vengeance". He then leaves in the Mooncopter.

Meanwhile, in the New Committee's building, Taskmaster is ranting at the Committee members. Taskmaster states that the Profile was incorrect, and that Moon Knight was neither friendless nor alone. Taskmaster then goes on to rant that personal combat is not his 'thing', and that the Committee told him Moon Knight was a sitting duck. Just as he's talking, Taskmaster suddenly looks out the large windows (that are right behind where the Committee members are sitting), and sees the giant plane that Moon Knight is flying towards the building. He flees. Before the Committee members can react, Moon Knight has slammed his entire plane into the side of the building. Moon Knight exits his plane, entering the building, and prepares to exact vengeance.

Part Six: Glories Such As These

Taskmaster fires multiple arrows at Moon Knight, but they fail to stop him. As he points his sword at Moon Knight, Spector replies, "Yes, kill me. See if that works this time." This causes Taskmaster to break down and panic, and Moon Knight rips off his mask. Moon Knight then collects the files the Committee were keeping on him and his friends, and leaves. As Moon Knight leaps across the buildings, the Profile spots him and begins vomiting. Moon Knight lands at a park somewhere and Marlene helps him leave.

A while later, Marc is seen shaving and photos of his Mooncopter crashing into the building can be seen on the floor. Marc then goes off to a museum where Marlene is working, and they have a brief, awkward conversation where Marlene tells him they're no longer together. Marc next meets Jean-Paul and Rob as they test out Frenchie's new prosthetic legs, and they appear to be on good terms. He then sees a business consultant of some sort, who tells Marc that he'll be very rich soon thanks to a capital venture from earlier days. Crawley then comes to see Marc, and Marc profusely apologizes to him and thanks Crawley for sending him to see Frenchie. But Crawley admits that he doesn't remember doing any such thing, and Marc suddenly realizes that it was Khonshu who manipulated Crawley and everything.

Khonshu chides Spector

Later, Marc ignores Khonshu and then proceeds to hammer the statue of his moon god while screaming in anger and rage. Khonshu then seemingly 'kills' Marc for a third time before resurrecting him again. Khonshu then tells him that this was all really Marc's fault - that it was Marc himself who let himself slip and who lost faith in Khonshu. He then states that he was the one who triggered the New Committee, causing Marc to fall into a downward spiral to depend on Khonshu again. He then tells Marc that he's a killer and Marc replies shakily that he's not like Khonshu. Khonshu then opens up a dictionary and flips it to the word 'avatar'. He states that Marc is not like him - rather, he is him.

The issue ends with Marc attacking the Profile and then meeting with Marlene. Somewhere else, we see blood scattered everywhere and a clock being painted on the floor with blood. We then see a black-gloved fist punching a clock.

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