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The Boondock Saints are a group of Irish-American vigilantes on a mission to kill every criminal in Boston. The Saints are catholic and bless the bodies of those they kill. A common trademark of the Saints is to place two coins on the eyes of a dead victim.


  • Connor McManus - Eldest brother, leader and strategist for the saints.
  • Murphy McManus - Younger Brother, often rebellious, yet still doting to his brother, friends, and father.
  • Noah McManus (Il Duce) - Il Duce was a ruthless, though moralistic killer for hire specializing in the murder of rogue mafia members. He is now a vigilante.
  • David Della Rocco - A former low ranking member of the Boston mafia, Rocco grew to hate his employers, and joined the saints to become a vigilante.
  • Romeo - A former prizefighter, Romeo knew of the saints for years, and was only too happy to join them. He is borderline psychotic.

Print vs. Digital:

The original print versions contain of "The Lost Gig" special followed by three mini-series with two issues each, plus three different collected editions (softcover, hardcover, and black label). The digital versions that are now available via comixology are combined to be one volume with issue numbers #1-6 except for "The Lost Gig" that is still sold as a separate volume.

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