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Timothy Hunter and John Constantine are on board an airplane flying to America. Tim is confused; the last thing he remembers is leaving the magic shop. He asks John about his passport, but John reveals that he doesn't have one either and he tells Tim that he worries too much. He mentions that they'll be landing in New York in an hour, and John goes to to have a nice chat with a flight attendant.

After John leaves, a bald man with a moustache who is sitting next to Tim, introduces himself as Boston Brand. Brand informs Tim that there's been a lot of talk about him in the netherworld. He warns Tim about the Cold Flame; an evil cult who is searching for him. Tim just thinks the man is mad, and pays him little mind. John returns with a bruised face.

After they land at JFK, Tim is amazed as he and John just walk straight through customs without being stopped. They get in taxi and head to Greenwich Village, where they visit John's old friend, Madame Xanadu.

They enter Madame Xanadu's place, where she bids her guests welcome... until she discovers one is John Constantine. She orders him to get out, and yells at him for stealing something called "the Wind's Egg". She continues to threaten him, until John offers to apologize and tells Tim to go stand outside for a few seconds. While Tim waits outside, their cab driver is on the phone speaking to someone. The driver tells the person on the line that he won't have any problem taking care of the boy.

After a while, John comes out to bring Tim back inside. He introduces Tim to Madame Xanadu, and she prepares to read his cards. John asks her if they can skip it because they're in a hurry, but Madame X says that she'll only do the simplest reading. She hands her tarot deck to Tim to shuffle and asks him to pick four cards. She is unsurprised to find that they're all major arcana. The first card is The Hermit and it represents where Tim has come from: somebody who introduced Tim to hidden knowledge. The second card represents the present and it is The Wheel of Fortune: a gambler, opportunities, and danger. The third card is The Empress and it symbolizes where Tim is going: somebody who understands their female side; multiple powerful women. The final card represents Tim's ultimate destination and it is Justice, reversed: an important decision; great darkness; a blind judge. Madame Xanadu apologizes that the reading couldn't be more specific and wishes him luck. She gives him a gift which turns out to be Tim's pet owl Yo-yo.

On their way upstairs to see a detective named Corrigan, Tim asks John about the Wind's Egg. John admits to taking it. He had planned on returning it, but a troll in Birmingham broke it. Tim scoffs. They both fail to notice their cab driver taking a sniper-rifle from the trunk of his car.

John tells Corrigan's secretary that he wants to see him, and while they wait he tells Tim a little about Corrigan's past. Corrigan was killed back in the 30's, but was brought back to life and bonded to something... else. Sometimes Corrigan's other is one of the most powerful beings in the universe; other times it's just a dude in green tights. His other is called... The Spectre, but it's Corrigan who finishes John's sentence. Corrigan ushers them into his office and asks John how he knew all this. John replies the The Spectre knows him, and he introduces Tim and Corrigan. Corrigan entertains his guests by affecting a horrible British accent, his generally clueless attitude about Britain in general. Suddenly, Corrigan transforms into the Spectre. He flies across the street where the cab driver was prepared to assassinate Tim with the sniper rifle. He grabs the assassin and changes him into a pile of ash. The Spectre returns and greets Tim and John. He informs them of the sniper, and warns Tim to stay pure. The Spectre transforms back into Corrigan, and Tim and John quickly say their goodbyes.

As they walk, a newspaper blows past with the headline "Another Teenage Slaying". Tim asks John if he should call his dad and let him know where he's at, but John responds that the other members of the Trenchcoat Brigade would have taken care of that. Tim remarks how the Spectre looked like the angels that the Phantom Stranger showed him in the past. John tells him that it's possible.

They're still walking when Dr. Fate appears before them in front of a fire station. He gives them a message from the other members of the Trenchcoat Brigade: the forces of evil have put a bounty on Tim; John needs to find him a safe place to stay and then rejoin them for their battle. The three of them walk aways, and Tim tells Fate that he saw his helmet in the past; it was some kind of god. Dr. Fate tells him that it is no longer a god; now it is a thing made of pure order. He explains to Tim that life is like a Venn diagram: where chaos and order intersect; there is life.

They continue walking until the streets surrounding them becomes an airplane. Dr. Fate disappears, and Tim and John take their seats. Despite Tim's wishes for a Southern Comfort, John orders him a ginger ale to drink, and heads to the restroom. The African gentleman sitting next to Tim, whispers to him and announces that he's Boston Brand. Tim remarks on how different looks; Brand informs him that he's dead and just borrowing this body. Brand asks Tim what he thinks of Constantine. Tim tells the dead man that John seems okay, but he's curious as to how easy they get from place to place. Brand explains to Tim, that he and John are riding the "synchronicity freeway", so things just fall in place for them. He holds up a newspaper with the headline "Boy Number 8's Body Found in Sewer", and is about to tell Tim something very important, but John returns with a red palm print on his face and asks Tim who he was speaking to. He introduces Boston Brand, but the African man looks confused and responds that his name is Matheson.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Trenchcoat Brigade are standing outside the Citadel of the Cold Flame. Dr. Occult asks the Phantom Stranger if he really thinks the three of them can stop them. Mr E is confident, the Stranger less so. However, the Stranger says that he cannot allow the Cold Flame to kill Tim. E replies that they should let Tim die, because it would solve all their potential problems. He quotes a saying that his father had. The Stranger is unmoved, and Dr. Occult and points out that they know very well what happened to E's father. E becomes enraged. He lifts up his cane, and takes care of an assassin who had approached behind him, and tells the Occult that those were foul lies and his father was a great man. The Stranger tells E that if he wants to leave, to go ahead. E responds that he gave his word and he intends to stick with it. The Phantom Stranger tells them they will create a plan to attack the Citadel, in the meantime they must remain confident that John Constantine knows what he is doing...

Meanwhile, John and Tim are now walking through the streets of Washington. With the help of Boston Brand they survive another assassination attempt, and finally arrive at Baron Winter's place. They ring the Baron's doorbell; when he answers he is disappointed to see Constantine. He informs John that he is entertaining a dinner guest and asks them both to leave. John responds that they're both starving, and people are trying to kill Tim. He asks the Baron for a bite to eat, and then they'll be out of his hair. Before the Baron can answer; his pet leopard growls and scares Yo-yo, who flies inside the house. Tim goes rushing in after, and with no small amount of frustration; Baron Winter allows Constantine inside.

Tim finds Yo-yo, and notices that Jason Blood(who he met in the past with the Stranger) is the Baron's dinner guest. Everybody sits down and prepares to eat. Winter angrily tells John that he is not welcome; he is to eat and leave. John asks Blood if he has any advice for Tim. Blood forcefully grabs the boy's arm and warns him not to do it. He tells him of the consequences; including Hell. John then asks the same question of Baron Winter. The Baron replies that magic is unimportant; it's just parlor tricks and card games. What is important is being yourself, solitude, civilization, and by the way there's ketchup in the container to the left.

After they leave the Baron's house, Tim and John find a parked car and hop inside. Tim asks John if he's sure he's one of the good guys. John tells him that there are no "good guys and bad guys"; there's just people trying to survive. Tim asks where they're going. John replies that they're heading to San Francisco. Tim begins to freak out, both at the distance they're traveling and at John's poor driving. John commands Tim to go to sleep, which he promptly does.

Tim finally wakes up after their car is run off a cliff by another assassin. Forced to hitchhike, he and John catch a ride with renowned skeptic, Dr. Terry Thirteen. John tells Thirteen that Tim is interested in magic, and asks him for his opinions on the subject. Dr. Thirteen explains that he's been investigating magic for over fifteen years and has never found an instance of the paranormal that didn't have a rational explanation. Thirteen goes on to say that if magic existed, he would have found evidence of it by now.

They arrive in San Francisco and thank Dr. Thirteen for the ride. John reveals to Tim that magic doesn't exist for the doctor. You have to CHOOSE magic, and that's what they're offering Tim.

As they approach their destination, John explains that they're going to see the famous stage magician, Zatanna. John tells Tim that he and Zatanna are old friends, which causes Tim to worry; considering how their visits to John's other "friends" came out. However, Zatanna greets them warmly and gives John a letter that had arrived that morning for him from India. John reads it and immediately starts swearing. He tells Zatanna to keep an eye on Tim, and rushes out the door for Calcutta.

Tim offers to leave, but Zatanna tells him that's nonsense. She lets him take a shower, and conjures him up some clean clothes. She asks him if there's anyone he needs to call, and Tim decides that it's a probably a good idea to call his dad. Tim calls his father and tries to tell him that he's okay and in America, but for some reason his dad thinks that he's staying with relatives in Brighton and is unable to hear otherwise. It begins to hit Tim that he's alone, but Zatanna tells him that he's under her protection and she won't let any harm come to him. To cheer him up, she decides to show him some San Francisco sights.

As they tour the city, Zatanna stops somewhere to use the restroom. While she's occupied, a little boy wearing a skeleton costume comes up to Tim and explains that he's Boston Brand, again. He tells Tim about all the chaos and carnage that's happening in India between the Trenchcoat Brigade and the Cold Flame. Zatanna returns, and Brand leaves the child's body. Tim mentions to Zatanna that he saw her father in the past, and how he didn't seem to have a happy life. Zatanna replies that she doesn't think he did, either.

Later that night, Zatanna takes Tim to a Halloween party at a local black magic club. The bouncer at first refuses to let them in; until he recognizes Zatanna. The club is full of all manner of creatures and demons and wizards. She introduces Tim to some of the dark magicians, including Tala, Felix Faust and the Wizard, and the piano-playing Tannarak. A giant comes up to Tim, and warns him to leave. It's Boston Brand again, and he's about to warn Tim of something he overheard, but the giant casts a spell and ejects the dead man from his head.

Tannarak takes the stage and addresses the club patrons. He tells them all about all the commotion in Calcutta. Zatanna suddenly gets very nervous and realizes that she shouldn't have brought Tim. Tannarak announces that the boy everyone is looking for is in the audience. There's a bounty on Tim's head, "which need not be attached to his body". Zatanna shouts that Tim is under her protection, but Tannarak just scoffs. After all, there is many of them and only one of her. Tim and Zatanna are surrounded by an approaching hoard of demonic creatures. Things aren't looking good... until John Constantine enters the club. He lights a cigarette and coolly announces that "nobody touches the boy". He tells the demons that they should all know who he is, and asks them if they really start to something. Tim, John, and Zatanna leave the club without further incident.

Outside, Zatanna expresses her confusion to John. He doesn't have that much power, but the demons were SCARED of him. John tells her that a good magician never reveals his secrets. They say their goodbyes and at John's request she conjures up some airplane tickets and passports for them.

Onboard the airplane back to the UK, Boston Brand possesses a stewardess and makes sure Tim is okay. Brand tells Tim that he'll see around. John asks Tim what all he learned on their trip to America. Tim remarks that all of them but Zatanna are crazy, that you have to CHOOSE magic, and that most magic users live in an almost shadowy version of the real world. John tells Tim that Dr. Occult will be waiting for in Gatwick to take Tim on the next leg of his journey. Tim asks where he's heading next. John's answer? Fairyland.

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