asymmetrical's The Books of Magic #2 - Bindings, Book 2: A Book of Leaves review


Wow. Okay, so perhaps today's comics may not be that great, but I know I can always trust Vertigo (especially old Vertigo) to have some good comics for me, and this is surely one of them. Yes, I admit I don't really fancy the art, but hey, this isn't one of those times where I take off stars because of it, with the story, the art worked just fine the way it was.

Okay, the comic opens with Tim frantically trying to figure out if Bill is truly his father, after the starling words Tamlin said to him, and after a while it becomes inevitable, even Bill himself supports the fact that he is not the father of Timothy Hunter, and that Tim's mother only married him because she was pregnant and needed to marry someone. Of course I liked it that all of this drove Timothy to such desperation that he decided to accept magic, something I thought would take a lot longer but am also pleased that it didn't, and he travels to Faerie.

In Faerie of course we see more of Tamlin and Titania's talking about the state of Faerie and although I do find it very interesting, it wasn't much of a step forward from last issue, more of a refresher, which I of course needed since its been a while.

Though the real story focuses around Tim's time in Faerie, he's a lot smarter this time, after what he learned in the original Books of Magic, Issue 3, an amazing read and he is not easily fooled. However, he does find himself prey to a mysterious creature that seems to enjoy killing people or something of the sort. Anyways, this villain is mighty interesting, and the bad art only adds to him actually looking cooler. Anyways, he eventually comes to make a bargain with Tim, that he will tell him the name of his father and himself, and in return, he will eat odd bargain to be struck, but I am SO on the edge of my seat...wanting to read more, Issue 3 here I come!

Posted by Silkcuts

I wonder why BoM are out of print and was never fully collected

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