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A proud father

This comic is filled with stories of the Blue Beetle and Yarko the Great.  The First half is Blue Beetle stories.  The first is the origin of the Blue Beetle.  All the rest of the Blue Beetle tales are reprints from Mystery Men Comics.  All of Yarko's stories are reprints as well from Wonder Comics and Wonderworld Comics
Between the Blue Beetle tales and the Yarko tales is a written story of the Blue Beetle called Death Rides On Horseback.  It is about a cop killer in New York City who kills thirty policemen.  The Blue Beetle nearly one of them.
The Origin of the Blue Beetle

Dan playing Hockey

In the origin tale Dan Garret (Blue Beetle) is born and his father Michael Garret raises him alone from the day he was a little boy.  This is due to Dan's mother dying of the flu.  Michael is a good father and saves up for his son to go to college.  
Dan does go and succeeds at his academics as well as Football, Hockey and Boxing.  During his senior year his father is shot and killed in the line of duty.  Dan goes back to the city and becomes a police officer.  However he finds he can only solve the murder in the guise as the Blue Beetle

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The First Ever Blue Beetle 0

Baby Danny is born. The First Blue Beetle comic is something I have wanted to read for about twenty years.  After doing so I have mixed feelings.  You see there is only two new stories to this comic and one is a two page written story not a comic.  The rest of the book is reprinted Blue Beetle and Yarko stories I have already read.  The main story is the Blue Beetle's (Dan Garret's) Origin and it is pretty good.  I love origin stories and this one is good.  Sure by now it is a little formulaic b...

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