Should I buy Batman - The Black Mirror?

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I really want to buy The Black Mirror but I'm not entirely sure if I should. You see, Long Halloween and Year One are the only Batman comics I've read so far. I have The Dark Knight Rises and I plan on start reading that one tonight. My concern is that I might feel lost going into this book because of my lack of knowledge of the Batman series. I have yet to read anything in which Dick Grayson is Batman.

What I want to know from those who have read it is do they do a good job at introducing the different characters? Do I need prior knowledge of some of the characters to understand the story? Also, are there any books should absolutely read before delving into The Black Mirror? I'm still fairly new to comics, so I thought it could helpful to ask some experts on Comic Vine! :)

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@Mushir: i havent read it yet either ( i am also deciding whether to get it or not), but I have been told that this is like the Year One/ Long Halloween of our generation. If you need to catch up on anything with Dick Grayson Batman, I say read the Batman and Robin series or just search the website

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My gut instinct screams yes.

To address your concerns... it doesn't overly focus on introducing the standard characters... but really, the only ones of note are Dick Grayson, Commissioner Gordon and (slightly) Barbara Gordon. From that point, there is enough introduction to the pertinent pieces of their story where you shouldn't be lost, and they fit appropriately with what Snyder was constructing with his story. I wouldn't use it as an "Origin & Introduction" read, but the fact that you know that Dick Grayson was Batman is about all you really needed for that piece of the puzzle. You could read the introduction to Dick as Batman, but it doesn't really add to the impact of the story, nor is it a necessity really. It is a pretty thrilling story, can operate without excessive need for introduction... I reaffirm my gut instinct. You're fine to pick it up without anything else.

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Read the article and definitely picking it up now! Will also be buying The Killing Joke and Hush. Seem like they're quite important Batman books. Read Long Halloween and Watchmen recently and I'm already a fan of Jeph Loeb and Alan Moore, so I've high hopes for TKJ and Hush!

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