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Akakios and the Black Flame

The Black Lamp Society follows the teachings of an alchemist named Akakios who believed that humanity was divided into two breeds. The first one was the superior one, with a strong sense of morality and a higher level of intellect. The second one, prone to sin and debauchery. This class was known as the "Children of Dionysus" as they were fond of wine and the seek of pleasure.

In one of this journeys to Africa , Akakios discovered a tribe who used a rare plant to create a mysterious elixir. When burned, this plant created a black flame and when injected its nectar into a corpse, it allowed the dead to come back to life. Akakios destroyed the tribe and took the plant to Greece where the black flame became the symbol of his group that will enlighten and lead them through the darkness created by the "Children of Dionysus".

The African tribe used the properties of the plant with respect and moderation, but Akakios and his cult abused of its properties, and used it to allow the believers to come back to life and punish every non-believer lower human being and ensure their corrupted vision of a perfect world. Those who had been injected with the nectar of black ambrosia are what Cassie Hack knows as Slashers.

The Society vs Hack/Slash Inc.

When Cassie Hack was in the police's custody, a group of the Black Lamp Society murdered the cops and kidnapped Cassie to perform a bizarre ritual with her in honor to their paladins. Drugged and wounded, Cassie was no match for the worshipers of the Black Flame. Luckily for her, Samhain appeared, murdered the group and saved Cassie. Samhain has been following the Black Lamp Society steps for months, trying to rescue a woman named Ava Park, and he joined with Cassie and Vlad to achieve his goal.

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