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The Catalyst Event
Following the death of Spider-Girl in a massive warehouse explosion; her clone, Mayhem, became far too immersed in her quest to rid the Earth of evil and managed to cut a swath through the super-villain community so bloody that the authorities took action against her and had her charged with unlawful vigilantism and mass murder.
However, no matter what actions were taken to stop Mayhem, be it taking her down themselves or sending in super-villains to do the job for them, nothing could stop Mayhem from doing what she did best. 
Later, during a tense stand-off between the heroes of Earth who did not agree with her actions, Mayhem slaughtered American Dream and set Humanity on a collision course with oblivion itself.

Having given in to desperation, the United States Government contracted Blackworks Paramilitary Services to create a group of Super-Soldiers capable of wiping Mayhem off the face of the Earth using battle-hardened mercenaries and samples of the Carnage symbiote that had been locked away in storage for decades.
Birth of a Nightmare
Blackworks did as they were asked and managed to successfully create a small team of "Bio-Predators", who immediately turned upon their creators, slew them, escaped from Blackworks headquarters and began assimilating almost everyone they came into contact with including heroes such as The Human Torch and his wife Lyja of The Fantastic Five.
As the Bio-Predators spread like a toxic tidal wave across the Earth, Mayhem began atoning for her past crimes by ushering whatever non-infected humans she could to safety while fighting the endless hordes of infected off as best she could, but eventually, even she was forced to retreat into the shadows.
Mayhem, along with J2, Mainframe, Cassie Lang and Torus Storm, spent the next decade trying to keep what little of Humanity was left safe in the sewers beneath the cities of Man while trying to come up with a way to save their people.
As they did, The Bio-Predators, who had claimed the surface world as their own, began breeding to their hearts content while simultaneously making a very conscious effort to track down and bring the remaining Humans and Mutants into their collective.
As the years passed, they followed the remnants of Humanity from one hiding place to the next until finally they managed to corner them in their last safe haven and crush their protectors with ease.
But even as they achieved their ultimate victory and began assimilating everyone they could find, their victory was already in the process of being undone in the past by none other than Mayhem herself. 
By showing her younger self the future, Mayhem ensured that it was she and not Spider-Girl who died in the warehouse explosion, thus "derailing" the future in which The Bio-Predators reigned supreme as well as averting the birth of their species altogether.

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