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I love anthologies and I enjoy Paul Pope and one of my absolute favorite members of comic ( Roxanne Starr) I guess knew this and pushed this book in my direction.  As the letter of the book, Roxanne Starr knew first hand how great it is and I agree it is great.  [For Roxanne Starr: I am really grateful to her that this was my birthday present from her this year and thank you very much Rx it was a great read and you were right I loved it.]

This is not the first Factoid Book I read, but this one I will remember.  The factoid books from the defunct DC imprint of Paradox Press were great anthologies of facts and true stories, all in comic book form.  I enjoy learning facts and on some occasions I will ramble about real life and comics when I believe there is a marriage of some sorts. Books like this help guys like me fill up on those stupid facts that make it sounds like I really get what is happening.

The Big Book of the '70s is a great history lesson, even if I was not born yet when the 70s were happening, I would say I am influenced by many '70s things: Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Sesame Street, Punk Music, Funk, Smiley Faces, etc.  The '70s was known as the "me" decade, a time when someone could really let loose and be themselves and I agree with that, since after the '70s, there has been so much control over the people and we cannot always see it.  The '80s for example is the MTV influenced generation, the freedoms people had in the '70s was lost before I was born, I only discovered it from an aunt that never left that decade.  That is what is good about this book, it is full of facts and true tales that you can truly see its connection today's life, such as Sex on TV sells because "The Jiggle Shows" were making huge money in the '70s. The Glam Rock formula still works today in Madonna and Lady Gaga, by the way Paul Pope does a killer job on this four pages. This is just a great book to learn things from.

The learning is not the only great part of this book, former Vertigo Editor, now back to writer, Jonathan Vankin does a great job of research in this book, not just on the facts, but also which artist would work best for his stories, such as the great Sergio Aragones illustrating the story about movies in the '70s and how it went from one tone to another.  There is so many stories and really, I don't know who else to single out because so many were great and an anthology is a chance to make new fans out of people, since not everyone will love the same art styles, such as David Lloyd (V for Vendetta), I love this moody art, but I know some people who hate it since it tends to be too much of a downer for them.

I highly recommend this anthology if you want a good no commitment read and I am not just saying that since Roxanne did the lettering, I honestly enjoyed it and you will too if fun facts and god storytelling is your thing.

- Silkcuts

Posted by Dark Noldor

Hey, that´s sound lke an awesome book man!!
Great review!

Posted by Silkcuts
@Dark Noldor:  thanks
I put my heart and soul in the review before about my favorite character and this is the review you commend on.
To me that is funny.

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