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The Dark Knight vs The Prince of Darkness

Honestly, I really enjoyed this movie. They finally made a fight between the Dark Knight and the Prince of Darkness. Batman finally met somebody who outclassed him in every way. It came down to a battle of wits when Batman learned that brawn would not help him here. Bruce had to use his wits to overcome an ultimate evil.

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It was a great movie. It was like a cleaner version of blade

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    Batman vs. Dracula sounds like it should be the movie of the century. Like King Kong vs. Godzilla, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and what not. They got the Dark Knight—a normal guy who dresses like a bat up against the actual living (or unliving) bloodsucking legend who actually is a bat. However this movie is far from the epic battle that I went in expecting to see.The animation was based on the recent “The Batman” series and is top notch with its heavily anime-based influence. The...

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    I like the series but this movie was pretty bad, Dracula turning characters like the joker into vampires, was just over the top, and the feeling of the movie was too much like the hell boy animated movies (Those where pretty good) just the feeling felt so depressing and the art style as well. I think of Gotham, being more a dark modern city, and not an old depressing ghost town. If you're in the mood for crazy vampires, depression and batman thrown all together watch this....

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