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Batman vs Dracula

Batman has faced many foes, but now faces Count Dracula. I thought Dracula was a great enemy because he challenged Batman both physically and mentally and turned some of his enemies into his slaves. I loved how Joker got turned into a vampire and thought he was so cool to fight against. Batman also had to save Vicki Vale from turning into Count Dracula's wife, but also citizens of Gotham being turned into vampires. Batman and Alfred worked together to find more on Count Dracula and stop the vampires or as the people of Gotham called them The Lost Ones. Batman not only faced vampires, but also the police who blamed him for The Lost Ones' disappearances. I also I liked how Vicki was wanting to be more with Bruce and wanting to help since the lost of his parents. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because it had some great action scenes, a great story and cast and a great enemy. I was fan of the show and now I love this movie because it was so cool to see Batman go against Dracula and prove he rules the night. I say get it if you want to see Batman vs a supernatural creatures and prove why he is Gotham's guardian and savior.


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