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"I Am Batgirl's Brother!"

Anthony Gordon composes a letter to his sister, Barbara, that he will never send. Years ago, Gordon embarked on a balloon trip around the world. The true purpose of Gordon's journey was to photograph missile sites while passing over China. Shot down by the Red Chinese, Gordon was taken prisoner, and held for several years. Gordon managed to escape and make his way back to the United States. To protect Gordon from possible Red Chinese retaliation... as well as maintain U.S.deniability regarding his mission... Gordon was given a new identity, as a tourist guide, and lecturer, at the Smithsonian Museum. Gordon's sister, Barbara, pays a visit to the Smithsonian, with two of her old college roommates.

Wandering through the Air and Space Museum, the three women suddenly find themselves in danger of being run over by the "Vin Fiz", the first plane to fly coast to coast. Barbara pushes her two friends to the floor, then races off to change into her Batgirl costume. Alerted by the sound of the "Vin Fiz's" engines, Gordon rushes out to see the plane being piloted by Captain Aero. When Batgirl intervenes to keep Captain Aero from stealing the "Vin Fiz", Gordon instantly recognizes her as his sister, Barbara. Captain Aero manages to escape from Batgirl, and fly the "Vin Fiz" out of the museum. Batgirl tracks Captain Aero to an abandoned model plane warehouse. Unbeknownst to Batgirl, Gordon, using his espionage skills, has shadowed her.

Gordon watches from the shadows as Batgirl confronts Captain Aero. Fending Batgirl off with an acetylene torch, Captain Aero makes his way to the "Spirit of St. Louis", Charles Lindbergh's famous aircraft. Captain Aero reveals that his grandfather and father were each involved in Lindbergh and the Wright Brothers' historic flights, yet received no credit. As recompense for that historical slight, Captain Aero has laid claim to their planes. Batgirl battles Captain Aero in the the cockpit of the "Spirit of St. Louis. Though she wins the fight, Batgirl is rendered unconscious when the plane crashes into a brick wall. After ascertaining that her injuries are not life threatening, Gordon goes for help. On the chance that his sister may have recognized him in her dazed state, Gordon abandons his current identity, for a new one. Having finished the letter, Gordon burns it.

"Dread NIght Of The Jaguar"

Kirk and Francine Langstrom are attending a free concert in Central Park. The performance is interrupted by a wild jaguar. Langstrom transforms into Man-Bat, and subdues the jaguar. In his Man-Bat form, Langstrom is able to perceive the brainwaves generated by criminal thoughts. Getting his wife to safety, Man-Bat follows these brainwaves to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There he discovers the museum is being robbed by the Sunset Gang.

Man-Bat has all but defeated the Sunset Gang when he is suddenly attacked by the same jaguar. Man-Bat, again, subdues the jaguar, though this time he sustains a bite. The Sunset Gang bathe Man-Bat in concentrated moonlight, which causes him to transform into a were-jaguar. For the rest of the night, the were-jaguar dodges the police, who attempt to kill him at every turn. The rays of the rising sun revert the were-jaguar back into Man-Bat, who immediately returns to his wife. Transforming back into Langstrom, the exhausted hero fills his wife in on the evening's events.

Batman's Bureau Of Missing Villains

A summary of the origins and notable appearances of Clayface I and Clayface II.

"Rally 'Round Robin!"

Dick Grayson ponders a flyer detailing an event his costumed persona, Robin, is expected to attend, despite not actually having been invited. Grayson has little time to consider the flyer, before his girlfriend, Lori Elton, drags him off to the library. Elton forces Grayson to conduct research on a paper he needs to write for his finance class. From the window of the library, Grayson eyes some suspicious behavior at the Hudson University Gallery. Making an excuse to step out for a moment, Grayson investigates as Robin, the Teen Wonder. Robin arrives just as three men are exiting the gallery, carrying priceless books. Robin brings the first thief down, before pursuing the other two.

Robin catches up to the second thief, in the college gymnasium, inadvertently arriving at the very rally he was expected to attend, as the guest of honor. After bringing down the second thief, Robin goes after the third man. Robin's pursuit of the thief is impeded by the multitude of his fans. Eventually, Robin catches up to the thief at the campus swimming pool. The thief threatens to hurl the priceless tome into the pool, destroying it, if Robin doesn't turn around and leave. As Robin turns away, he hurls a batarang, with attached line, at the book, yanking it from the thief's hands. Knocking the thief into the pool, Robin leaves him for campus security.

After returning to the library and finishing his research, Robin, as Grayson, returns home. There he receives an emergency call from Barbara Gordon. Grayson is informed that Gordon's Bat-Cycle drove itself into her home, then ordered her to call him. At that moment, Grayson's own Robin Cycle drives itself into the room, and orders him to drive to New York. Gordon's Bat-Cycle begins requesting the same. Grayson and Gordon assume their costumed identities of Robin and Batgirl. As soon as they each sit on their respective cycles, their hands and feet are suddenly locked to their cycles by metal clamps. The cycle engines start on their own, as, against their will, Robin and Batgirl are carried off to New York.

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