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Batgirl, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy--in three offbeat tales. First, a glimpse at the first teaming of Batgirl and Robin! Then, in the first back-up, Batman and Robin battle Mr. Freeze, the perpetrator of a heinous crime...or is he? And finally, Batman must give in to Poison Ivy's blackmail when Gotham is besieged by her plant-animal hybrids.

  1. Batman and Robin went after Catwoman at a mall robbery. Batman sent Robin in for evidence as he struggled with Catwoman. Robin encountered Batgirl for the first time. Dick and Babs worked together well; they caught the real thief and saved a woman and her child from him. Batman commended Robin for his teamwork.
  2. Batman and Robin went in on a Mr. Freeze bank robbery. He was working with the bank president on the job - the president's wife was already in the tropics spending the loot when they were all captured.
  3. Poison Ivy caused a stir by creating plant-like rodents that threatened to overtake the city. She called them off when Batman visited her and let her kiss him.

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