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The Riddler tries to shake his obsession with riddle-related crimes and joins the operation of a powerful Gotham City crime boss. But Edward Nigma's "addiction" may prove to be too much to resist. Plus, Killer Croc is hounded through the Louisiana bayou by angry townspeople, and the origin of Mr. Zsasz is revealed.

  1. Riddler began striking, but attempting to change his M.O. by not sending riddles to the police or Batman. He finally broke down and sent one to Essen-Gordon. She showed it to Batman, who promptly took Nygma down.
  2. Mr. Zsasz spoke with his therapist about his beginnings. He'd been young and rich, but lost it all gambling. His first victim was a man who tried to mug him while he contemplated suicide. The therapist got too close to him, and she became his latest victim.
  3. Killer Croc left his Louisiana swamp home and made his way back to Gotham City.

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