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A "No Man's Land" tie-in issue! In the "MASH" sector, Leslie Thompkins tries to maintain a neutral hospital for all of No Man's Land's sick and injured. But her quiet zone is shattered when a bleeding Mr. Zsasz is brought in.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins is caring for both Zsasz and Stumpy - a friend of Killer Croc's, after an altercation with one another all against the advice of the Detective Petit, Huntress, and Batman.

Zsasz awakens just as Killer Croc breaks into the hospital to avenge his friend's attack. Dr. Thompkins tries to convince Zsasz to show compassion until he his attacked by Croc thus saving Leslie.

The whole issue centers around Dr. Thompkins abhorrance for violence from all sides good and bad. At the end Batman falls to his knees before Leslie asking for forgiveness for all the violence on his part.

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