psychotime's The Batman Adventures Annual #1 - Laughter After Midnight review

Downed by a Doughnut

Another story from the team. There were a few artists who did some small parts, though. I hate the art for the Scarface and Scarecrow stories (even though the stories are good). Thankfully, the segments are short and we go to Timm's artwork.

This was full of short stories, which I guess is what Annuals are all about. My favorite one is Laughter After Midnight, where the Joker is walking home after being beaten by Batman. It's drawn by John Byrne. I must say, this guy knows how do draw cartoons. He should do that more often. I also liked the Christmas story. Bullock is hilarious.

If you're looking for a bunch of simple, short stories with funny moments, you can't go wrong here.

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