kfhrfdu_89_76k's The Batman Adventures #22 - Good Face Bad Face review

Heads, it`s a good review. Tails, it`s a bad one.

Hello to you. This is my 22. CV-review, and it`s about Two-face and Batman.

A bit about the plot.

Two-face escapes from Arkham Asulym, and plans to rise up as the criminal lord of Gotham city! His plan is to cause a jail break at Blackgate prison. And at the same time, Batman/Bruce tries to find out, if Harvey has really ceased to be the good man who he use to be...

The good sides of the story.

The story by Kelley Puckett and Mike Parobeck is well paced, sleek, filled enough with action and professionally made. Dialogue is very similar to that of the show, and has been written in a pretty cool way.

Colors by Rick Taylor are bright and devoid of disturbing computer effects. Most likely because you couldn`t color stuff with computers at this point of time yet.

Art by Mike Parobeck (pencils) and Rick Burchett (inks) is really great. Check it out:

( I hope that you wont mind that there`s no texts in the bubbles. It`s in Finish anyway, so you probably wouldn`t have had understood it.)

I like the way the pages have been numbered. They`re handwritten, and inside their own bubbles. Actually, I like the fact that this comic has page numbering at all.

I like the psychological angle of the story, which should be liked.

What I find to be good and bad simultataneously.

This issue, unlike the first ones for example, is alot like the show on the behalf of the writing. It`s good, because it has even more of the feel of the show than it use to have. It`s bad, because it`s not as different as it use to be. And I like different writing styles. But then again, I might be wrong.

It`s 22 pages, and it has 70 panels. It`s not mandatory, but it would be faforable for the story to have 132 panels at least. But then again, those big pics are pretty sweet, and this didn`t originally cost 3,99, unlike some 22 comic pages-comics these days do...

Because of this, something more undesired happens though. You`ll read the whole story in 15 minutes. Unless you savor all the elements of the story. So, if you`re looking for a reasonably quick read, this is the one you should pick up. If you`re not, start reading Watchmen or something else like that...

But that`s not the only not-that-much-desired side about having so big panels. The worst thing about it is, that when some stuff in the story doesn`t get as much attention as it should. Most obvious example being the whole psychological whuupa-doo ( What does that mean? Well, it`s probably another synonym for stuff ) in the story.

So, to conclude...

Buy and/or read it if you wanna.

Posted by The Poet

I have really enjoyed a lot of the Batman:TAS based comics that I have read...all really entertaining...


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