Avengers #1 comic

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Came across the Avengers#1 comic recently in poor to fair condition.  Most price guides list the near mint value for $20,000. Wanted to know the comic vine community's thought on whether one would purchase it at all in such condition and for what price? Thanks
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I would buy it.
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I'll give you a dollar for it.

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I have just seen Avengers #1 (1963) for sale online for US$ 974 / £595.00 (condition listed as PGX 3.0). In fine condition (listed 6.0, unrestored, but the condition might not official, I dunno), there is one going for US$1,999.50 / £1,212.26. I don't really know if that is its actual market value, though.
If you are buying it as an investment, buy it only if you can get it pretty cheap. It is one thing to own something like that in mint or near mint condition, but if it is in poor to fair condition you should only buy it if it is something you actually want to own.

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