thecannon's The Avengers review

Avengers, Assemble! Then dissasemble again for some reason...

Some of you should know I decided to write one review a week. Well, I figured I'd start them off with a bang! I'm reviewing my favorite movie of all time, The Avengers. Now, there will be spoilers. But if you haven't seen it yet, what is wrong with you? Let's jump right in.

The Good

Random order here. It's just when I think of it.

  • Loki - Those of you who saw Thor know how fantastic Tom Hiddleston was as Loki. He managed to make his performance here 10X better. He was the absolute perfect villain for this movie, and I rate him the greatest villain ever in a comic book movie. Good motives, quotes, acting, etc. The only bad thing was he couldn't hold a fight against the team. Though he did have an awesome battle with Captain America at the beginning.
  • Iron Man - Who doesn't like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man? He is possibly the best casting in comic book movie history. He was just as good as ever in this movie. My only problem was him being in a relationship with Pepper Potts. It makes sense, but still. I think the way they had those two in the first Iron Man movie was good. But he was still awesome, whether it be the armor, fighting, etc. He was just so awesome. And the movie didn't center around him, which I was happy about. I expected it to more feel like Iron Man 3 featuring the Avengers, but it wasn't. So, yay!
  • Captain America - Chris Evan is a great Captain America. He has the look and personality down. Thank God he's not the Human Torch any more. Cap was great in the movie. It picks up where The First Avenger left off. Cap is in present day, adjusting to the new world. It was nice seeing him confused about a reference to Steven Hawking. I think his costume was better in The First Avenger, but it was still good here.
  • Thor - Chris Hemsworth is an awesome Thor. He is just downright awesome in that role. He looks like the role, sounds like the role, and is a great actor. Marvel, thank you for getting Hemsworth to act as Thor. He was still great in The Avengers. Great acting again, fight scenes, etc.
  • Bruce Banner - I was iffy when I heard that Edward Norton wasn't reprising his role as Banner. Since Norton didn't "fit in with the colorful cast we [Marvel] has lined up," they casted the unknown Mark Ruffalo. But Ruffalo did every good. He just didn't look like the role. He was good in the role, though didn't compare at all to Edward Norton.
  • Hulk - Hulk was very good in the movie. You could just feel the atmosphere change when he became Hulk for the first time in the movie. It just felt good seeing him Hulk out again. CGI was good, and Hulk's fights were great (except for the Loki one. More on that later)
  • Black Widow - Not bad. Not bad at all. No Russian accent though. But she made up for that by looking sexy as Hell in that suit. So, yeah.
  • Nick Fury - I did have one problem with him (more on that later). But Samuel L. Jackson did a good job as Ultimate Nick Fury. Not much to say really.
  • Thanos - Seeing Thanos at the end was just awesome. It made you realize how far this thing with the Tesseract goes. Is it possible that Thanos is simply a pawn in someone else's plot? Think about it.
  • Loki's Staff - It was just so awesome. He was able to mind control so many people with it. Sucks that it didn't work on Iron Man. But a small nit pick: Why does poking someone in the chest give you control over them? It's just weird. But still, I think I smell an Infinity Gauntlet reference.... There's a gem in the gauntlet... the soul gem. Allows the wearer to control people's souls... Don't remember? Then you're not a true comic book fan! Of course it might not of been. The gauntlet and all the gems was seen in Thor. Why would Thanos or whoever only steal one gem instead of the whole thing? Anyway, moving on...
  • Phil Coulson - He's always great to see. This was no exception. Anything with him and Cap together was great ("Well I sort of met you. I watched you while you slept. I mean I was present while you were in suspended animated"). Even in death he was awesome. Bringing me to my next point...
  • Phil Coulson's Death - Yes, I hated seeing him die. Especially after Josh Wheadon said he would not die. But it was an awesome scene. Him telling Loki that he lacks conviction was awesome, even though I was routing for Loki.
  • Battle against the Chichuari (count how many times I spell it wrong in this thing) - That was just awesome. Yes, the Chichuari were easy to beat, but the numbers were just incredible. If DC could take that concept, but then take some powerful aliens like the White Martians (Parademons wouldn't work. Too easy to beat), it'd be awesome.
  • Awesome Introductions - Everyone (well, almost. More later) had an awesome introduction in the movie. Fury being the first guy to actual appear, was awesome, and he appeared at a SHIELD base where he should have. Same with Hawkeye, Maria Hill, and Phil Coulson. Seeing Black Widow on a mission for her first part was great (even though it took a minute for fighting to begin). Hearing Fury make a remark about soldiers then seeing Cap was great. Then him having the flashbacks from the First Avenger, brilliant! Bruce Banner had a great way to start off the film. Iron Man had a nice intro, though nothing too special. More on Thor later...
  • Shwarma - That Post-Credits Scene with the Avengers at Shwarma... LMFAO! It was great.
  • No War Machine - We already have Iron Man, why did we need War Machine? Thank God the makers of this film realized that.

Nit Picks

Usually, I divide it up between the good and the bad. However, most of the stuff I didn't like were small nit picks which weren't really bad. So here are just some nit picks I had.

  • Cap's helmet - Why does he have a helmet if he never wears it? He's in costume for just about the entire movie, but he only wears the helmet twice. Why?
  • Thor's costume at the beginning - Why did he have that stupid sleeveless look at the beginning? It looked horrible. It's not even like you can say they were trying to recreate the Ultimate Thor look, cause they didn't even look similar. Then half way through the movie he puts his normal one on. That's good, but still, why did he need the slevless one at all? It was just stupid.
  • Hulk was better in The Incredible Hulk - Yeah, Edward Norton was ten times better as Banner than Mark Ruffalo (did I spell that right?). I'm not denying Mark was good in the role, he did MUCH better than I expected. But people saying he made the movie? Just, no. I just pretended I was watching Edward Norton whenever Ruffalo was there. And the CGI on Hulk was better in The Incredible Hulk too. I understand they were trying to go for a more realistic looking Hulk here and modeled it after Mark's face, but still. It just reminded me of some bad memories of the first Hulk movie in 03.
  • Hulk Plot Conveniences - For the sake of the plot, Hulk could suddenly control his anger during the battle against the Chichuari (I spelled that wrong)? He is able to capture Iron Man when he's falling, then able to stay calm and just stand there while Tony is unconscious. Why? This sounds like a plot hole you would find in The Dark Knight (though that's for another day).
  • Hulk's fluke against Loki - Worst moment of the film. Hulk beating Loki. That was a massive fluke that could never happen again. Loki would kick his @$$.
  • No Russian accent for Widow - One question: Why no Russian accent for Widow? Simple as that.
  • No helmet for Thor: Why can he not wear the helmet in the movies?
  • Nick Fury - Why is it that in every form of media, Nick has to be resembled off of the Ultimate Nick Fury design? It gets annoying after a while.
  • Cap not doing anything outside the Avengers - Why would Cap not go and try and find Sharon Carter in present day? If I was frozen for almost 70 years and came back, I'd be looking for the woman I had something romantic with when I was thawed out. Not doing it makes Cap look gay.
  • The World Security Council - WHO THE HELL DECIDED TO LAUNCH A NUCLEAR MISSILE INTO MANHATTAN? Sure, it stops the Chichuari there, but not only does it kill the Avengers and all civilians, more of the Chichuarui would continue to come out. WHO THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?!? And why even ask Fury for her permission if they're just going to launch the missile anyway?
  • Avengers Disassembling - Why would the Avengers Disassemble at the end of it? Shouldn't they of all stayed together and worked for SHIELD like the Ultimates? Plus that makes it easier for them as Iron Man could just call in Hulk and Cap to fight Mandarin.
  • Based too much off the Ultimate Universe - Yes, the Ultimates comic was awesome. But it really felt more like an adaption of the Ultimates, taking elements from 616 than the other way around like most movies. I'm sick of the Ultimates! Give us something new!

The Bad

Okay, ACTUAL bad stuff. No more nit picks.

  • Hawkeye - I did not like Hawkeye in this movie. Everything else was really just a small nit pick, but this deserves to be bad. His costume wasn't that good, he didn't look like the role, etc. He was trying to be Ultimate Hawkeye, though was just lifeless. He just wasn't that good. Would of been better to see Wasp or Black Panther.
  • The Chichuari - First off, I know I spelled that wrong. Secondly, these WERE NOT the Chichuari. These were just generic aliens using the name. They didn't look or act like the Chicharui. And where's their shapeshifting power?
  • Maria Hill - Um... WHAT MARIA HILL SUPPORTS A TEAM OF SUPERHEROES? I know they were working for SHIELD, but COME ON! Just, NO! That was NOT Maria Hill! That was just a woman with the same lesbian style haircut.
  • No Asgardian Scenes - Everyone had an epic intro to where they should of had one. Tony in Stark Tower, Natasha was in the middle of a mission, Bruce was in hiding, Fury, Hawkeye, and Maria were at a SHIELD base. Cap didn't really have a good place to be when we first saw him, but the scene was still awesome. Fury gives a line about soldiers, then we see him beating up a punching bag while having flashbacks. Everyone had a great way to introduce them. Except Thor. Yes, Thor had an awesome into (I got goosebumps when he showed up again). But it was kind of lazy. They couldn't just hire Anthony Hopins and Jaime Alexander to create a quick scene in Asgard? Could of helped some stuff. For some reason, there are people who complain that they didn't give how Thor returned to Earth. They weren't playing attention AT ALL. But, this could of helped those people. Plus it could of helped how Thor, Odin, and whoever found out about Loki and the Tesseract on Earth.
  • Missile - I liked the idea of Iron Man flying the missile into the wormhole the Chichauri were coming out of. But why would killing all the Chichuari in the wormhole kill all the ones on Earth? Another plot hole that sounds like it should be in The Dark Knight. IDIOTS!

My Final Verdict

Wow, just, wow. This film is just so awesome. It was really the perfect way to finish Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don't see how a sequel can come close to topping it. Especially if Marvel are complete idiots and add that debacle called Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man to the roster or the Guardians of the Galaxy make an appearance. But still, a sequel can not make this film go down in quality at all. It is just awesome, and will go down as a classic. It's the third highest grossing movie of all time! Take THAT Batman franchise!

If you have not seen this film, WATCH IT! Then again, if you haven't seen this film, then you probably live under a rock with no Computer, TV, video games, or phone. In that case, good luck to you.

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

I like how you've broken your point down the way you have. A few points about the Hulk I thought I'd share. It was revealed at the end of Incredible Hulk that Bruce could control his anger when he's meditating, and his eyes turn green saying that the days without incident have went from a high number (can't remember the actual number) to zero, showing that he can Hulk out whenever he wants. This makes sense as the human body naturally makes the chemicals that turn us angry, so it's possible to be angry all the time, whilst controlling it. Plus with the Loki/Hulk scene. I loved this, and it was obvious Loki underestimated Hulk. If he was prepared then possibly he could beat Hulk, but Hulk is more resourceful than he looks. Overall brilliant review though.

Posted by TheCannon

@johnkmccubbin91: But when Banner first Hulked Out in the film on the Hellicarrier, he couldn't control his anger. He battled Thor for no real reason (which I forgot to bring up. I'll have to edit this), chased after Black Widow, etc. He comes to the battle against the Chichuari (how many times do I have to spell this wrong until I finally get it?) on a bike (where'd he get it anyway?) and can control his anger. If it wasn't for the Hellicarrier scene, only the thing at the end of the Incredible Hulk, I'd be fine with it.

And that scene really made Loki look bad. He could of just went in and took Hulk out (or mind control him. Why didn't he?). Instead the writers decided to make him look pathetic and week. He's gone tow to toe against Thor, who went toe to toe against Hulk. Why was he taken out like that?

Thanks for calling it brilliant.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@TheCannon: But he got too angry before. The point later is that he can turn into the Hulk at any time, it's just that he can't always stop it. Plus Hulk's always been like that, helping people one minute fighting with them next. Plus he did punch Thor during the big battle at the end. At the end of the day nothings perfect, and there's actually a list of all the mistakes in the film, and some are worse than this

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