big_nasty's The Avengers review

Good But a little Over Hyped

First of all let me explain the good in this movie. I'm glad that they actually gave Nick Fury a role in the movie. It was nice that he just didn't show up and leave. It was very realistic that hawkeye ran out of arrows and had to reuse some off of dead aliens. i enjoyed the relationship between Sr. banner and Tony which Is my favorite scene between two characters. It was a great fan survive that Hulk tried to lift Thor's hammer. This movie had the best final battle scene; Thor and Cap movies was kind of weak. I was so happy to see That SHIELD looked like SHIELD in the comics instead of FBI agents.

Now the Bad. Captain America quickly got out of that " Man out of Time Phase" He started out depress but once he saw the high-tech an dthe colorful people, he soon forgot about his pain. Thor was a little waited in this movie. Beside the two scenes with loki and the famous " he's adopted" line, his presence was a blur. Nick fury was still Samuel l Jackson with a eye patch. the movie focus on giving funny one liners than giving iconic phrases like " Why so Serious" or " Get off my Plane". And the Loki and his army was weak. The Avengers did nothing that the army couldn't do.

Overall the movie was a fun and mostly funny. Will this movie win best Picture,no.Will it make a lot of money,yes. A good movie but not great. Ironman ! had more heart and First Class had a better plot. But the Avengers had its moments and was more good than bad, so i give this movie a 7 out of 10.


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