wolverine0628's The Avengers review

Best Marvel Movie!

Believe the hype! This movie was amazing all the way through. It's definitely one of the top superhero movies ever made. In fact, I'd only put the Dark Knight above it.

Pros: This is a super-clean movie that the whole family can enjoy. It's also a movie that even the most strict comic book fan can watch without flinching. Every character feels natural, and stays true to their comic book portrayals. Additionally, their interactions with each other were spot-on. The plot was good; exciting without being too confusing. The entire thing was full of action, and yet we also got to know each character better.

Plus, I LOVED how they included Thanos at the end!

Cons: Were there any? I noticed one or two dirty words, but nothing severe. The main reason this movie is rated PG-13 is because of the action sequences, which involved a lot of smashing, blasting, and other awesome verbs.

Overall: This movie was great. I absolutely recommend it, to pretty much everyone in the world. It's a must-see.

P.S.: Stay through the credits!


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