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Marvel did it again!

If you were worried how the combination of so many heroes on screen would workt out, be assured, that all your worries will be left behind from the first minutes on.

As an Austrian citizen i had the pleasure to see the latest comic adaptation a little earlier than the Americans among you. And i can only say: "Amazing!!". From the beginning to the end they were able to capture the epicness that is created by the title.

This title will offer everything that you could long for in an action movie as well a comic adaptation. They combine incredible action scenes with hillarious jokes and an really strong and thought through story.

And the ending of the movie, as well as the scene after the credits (as in all the previous films leading towards this one) will leave you longing for more.

To sum it all up, i was really impressed how well this worked out, and i hope that DC will take this as an inspiring example that super hero team-ups can work on the big screen.

One more thing: "HULK SMASH"

Posted by ohrenclez

just saw it for the 3rd time...still awesome ;)

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