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'We have s**t to Avenge' - The Avengers review (Spoiler Free)

As a few of you know, The Avengers was released a bit before America, so as I'm English I was able to see the film yesterday (27/04/12). I've written a few reviews before but I only do so when I've got a lot to say....and boy I have a lot to say.

The Good

The Avengers is like a Thor sequel, a Captain America sequel, a third Iron Man film, a Black Widow film, another Hulk film and a SHIELD film all in one. Every character has a big role having a lot to say whilst doing a lot of ass kicking. Every character has something to do in a sense. There are so many fights in this film that I felt my lil ol geeky brain was going to explode, I was practically salivating at the action scenes, which are pretty much non-stop. I'd say roughly around the second half of the film the action just doesn't stop until the end of the film. That is not even an exaggeration, just when you think it's about to keeps on going.

Me likey big explosions

At parts I could actually feel the adrenaline run through my body, I could actually fell my heart beat. This film will get you pumped up. It's the ultimate super-hero and action movie. This is the staple in which all movies of it's genre should be measured. It excels in everything, writing, directing, the cast, the action and the special effects.

Speaking of special effects, this film is going to melt your eye balls in HD and Blu-Ray. There are some awesome special effects going on and they all look completely real. New York gets absolutely wrecked in this battle.

A Black Widow film has to happen.

Those who were disappointed in Black Widow's role in IM2 will not feel the same about this movie. Scar Jo does a great job at portraying this super spy and we get some character origin (turns out she is Russian rejoice!) and she kicks some major ass, she is just awesome here and some times steals the show.

Each member of the cast is just perfect in their roles, they maintain their characters from the other films but we can also see some progression here. Murk Ruffulo is my favourite actor to portray the Hulk, great humour and presence and some of the film's funniest scenes come from the Hulk. Whedon has this extraordinary gift of writing dialogue and character interactions is one of the films strongest points.

There are also a lot of great moments of comedy in the film, some serious laugh out loud moments.

I've never been to bothered about Agent Coulson, but he's fantastic in this film. He's funny yet still makes a strong impression in a film featuring some huge actors and characters. I also love Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. While Maria isn't really in the thick of it all in terms of action I think the place she holds in the film is just where she needs to be, very similar to her role in the comics.

The cult of Whedon established by me this day. Come and join the fun.

Wondering about the heroes love interests? Pepper Potts appears more than I thought she would but obviously stays out of the action. We also find out what Jane Foster is up to but no cameo from the actress I'm afraid. No word on Peggy/Sharon for Cap but we'll find out all about that in the next cap film. There are hints at a romance between the two everyone expected, Black Widow and Hawkeye. But I couldn't figure out if it was more of a father-daughter relationship instead of a romantic one? It seems the Black Widow lives up to her name and doesn't seem like the romantic type. But I think it's safe to say to watch this space.

Joss Whedon is like my most favourite person in the world. I already worshiped him because of Buffy (I'm a fan boy) and his other brilliant series of work and when I found out he was directing and writing the Avengers, I knew I would love this film. And I do. I was so pumped after I watched this film I had to literally tell everyone I knew about it.

I don't think I know enough adjectives to describe the liquid awesome this films exudes.

The Bad

Is the assemble necessary?

Anything I found wrong with this film were just silly things that really don't impact on the film at all.

This is going to sound really stupid but over here in the UK, there was an unrelated show called 'The Avengers' a few decades ago. To avoid confusion with the show and this film, over here it's called 'Avengers Assemble' which is slightly annoying. I'm pretty sure people over here are clever enough to differentiate the two franchises.

Also, I don't want to spoil anything but people may be a bit disappointing about Hawkeye's presence in the first half of the film. Although I quickly forgot about this because he kicks major ass when he's back in business.

Plus, isn't Hulk supposed to be a tad bigger?

A Sequel?

"Of course there'll be a sequel, we've got a 9 picture deal fool!"

It's a no brainer that there'll be a sequel. This film is going to destroy the box office and everything is nicely set up for another film. I'm not sure if it was just me but there were hints over a Super-Human Registration Act, with some 'higher-ups' demanding that the Heroes claim responsibility for all the damage they've done plus a fear that they're too powerful, could we be seeing a potential Civil War story-line in the future? Maybe the third film because there is one crazy hint at what the next film will entail...

There is a post-credit scene and wow, this completely blew my mind. Not only was it completely unexpected it was insanely clever. I'm not going to spoil anything, although spoilers are out there if you really want to know, but I advise that you don't before you see this film! As in Marvel movie tradition, the scene sets up the next movie and the next movies villain, plus with a line that is a huge nod to all you comic reading fans...

" court Death itself". Plus did anyone say...Avengers Tower?

The ending also sets up the sequels for the solo movies, in-particular what the status-quo will be like in the next Thor film will be. Plus, I think the chances of a Black Widow movie are going to sky-rocket after this film. I really, really, want one.

The Verdict

Will the team Avenge again?

I don't think it's too early to say this is my one of my favourite movies of all time. My god like worship of Joss Whedon has only been exasperated. I didn't want this film to end and didn't want anything else from what it gave me, so what else do you want from a movie? Isn't a want to see a movie not to end and see it again mean that it's completely succeeded in what it set out to do? I can't recommend it highly enough but seeing as everyone here are comic book fans, you'll undoubtedly be seeing it anyway, at least I can tell you now that you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to see it again. It's a 5/5 from me.

Posted by AdrianOpIvy

Really good review :) and was it red skull or sin in the post-credits scene, i was confused

if you havent seen the movie, dont read that spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
Red Skull
Posted by Baddamdog

@AdrianOpIvy: Thank you!

It wasn't either, it was Thanos

Posted by pimpdenz
Posted by Baddamdog

@pimpdenz: OMG I thought that as well!!! They did give that girl an awful lot of attention...

Posted by ThePRez

buena reseña/ great review

Posted by doomsilver

That review was awesome! That's how I felt when I watched it the first time. I do agree with everything you said. Thanks for your awesome opinion.

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